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Friday, November 10, 2006
Finally Friday...

Friday's are always hectic for me as its payday. On payday, I get to run errands and pay bills, ugh. I can't get started until 1:00 pm, when payday is released and I only have until 5:00pm to make sure everything gets done. Oh the stress! Today I caught a huge break - Isaac was out of school for Veterans Day so I wasn't interrupted in the middle of errands by picking him up from school AND I didn't have many errands to run.

The boys were excellent today, actually its been a good week. Nicholas is still a little rough around the edges when it comes to potty training but the accidents are becoming fewer and fewer. Isaac had an awesome week at school and karate. Their reward for a great week is pizza after karate. Who would have ever thought a $5.00 pizza from Little Caesars would come in handy for a bribe? *giggle* It works and they only get one meal a week that I didn't cook.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wow, it certainly has been a while. I could give a number of excuses but one sticks out and is more useful than anyother : blogging every detail of my life depressed me. My last post was about attempting to break Nicholas from breastfeeding. You will be happy to know that Nicholas is not only boob-broke but he's also potty-trained, now 2 years old. Isaac has started kindergarten and is finally doing well, now 5 years old. It is my intention of blogging daily. I have a couple of new habits and posts will not include details of how bad my breasts hurt. *laf*

This is almost like starting a brand-new blog, its odd. I don't exactly know where to begin but I suppose I should start with a fresh look, some details on my life, updating the links and such and I intend on doing that now, this very minute.

Wish me luck!

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