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the life of a mother with youth

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hey Howdy Hey!

Wow, its amazing at how fast life changes. My boys are getting a real dose of reality these days.

Isaac started preschool last Thursday and the daily routine changed instantly. Instead of us all sleeping until 7:30am, we all get up at 6:30am. The bus no longer picks Isaac up at home so now we have to drive to meet the bus and its proven to be a headache - major. Hopefully that will be better.

Nicholas has been cut off! I took him to the doctor Friday due to his increasing whininess. I thought he had an ear infection but alas, he is cutting 7 teeth at once. His doctor ask if he was still on the breast and I replied, "of course." She frowned at me and told me that if I didn't break him soon, it would be rougher than it is going to be now. No titty for Nicholas anymore. Let me tell ya - he doesn't like it.

Today was the first full day of no more titty. My breasts are so sensitive and painful. I ask my mom, who did not breastfeed, to help me bound my breasts. So far, bounding is working with the pain and discomfort. Woowee though, let me tell you, I love my breasts full of milk. I'm a very full and perky D Cup. I'll be bitching about having little tits again soon.

How was your day?


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