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Sunday, March 27, 2005
Simple Reminders...

I haven't posted in awhile an that is due to being busy with work, children and family. My little family has reached milestones since my last post that I think you will be joyed to read about.

Isaac. The cute, little, lovable Isaac has grown, what seems like, 6 inches. He woke up one morning and all of this jeans were too short - he is not a happy camper. He has also been being good at school, laying down for his nap and being generally polite. I've been working with him everyday on his alphabet, numbers, name, telephone number and address. This is information that all kids need to know. After a month of "homework," Isaac is now able to recognize all of the letters (write most of them), numbers, his name (from other names) and he knows the first 3 numbers of his p hone number. I think it is super groovy! He's interested in learning to read, we'll start working on that when he can write all of his letters.

Nicholas. The once adorable, cuddly, monkey man has found his legs. He is walking all over the place and rarely crawls. He still doesn't stray far from Momma but he has gained enough independence to play by himself on the floor beside me for 3 hours at a time. Next he'll be holding conversations - man they grow up fast don't they?

I have been so busy yet I've had time to think about straying away from the things that matter to me most. Is it normal? I don't know but it seems to happen every couple of years for me and up until now I have acted on it almost immediately. I think that, at least for me, married people get stuck in a routine that becomes unfulfilled and when, by chance or otherwise, something new and refreshing comes along we have two options, yes or no. I have had opportunity and have not taken it but I did consider it and that, to me, is as bad as acting on urges. Thankfully, my husband has finally figured out my schedule and has made sure that we make time to renew ourselves. Tim took a vacation from work and is home for the week. I had considered straying up until yesterday afternoon. What stopped my gears? Something simple, pure and only found in happy homes with a lot of love - laughter. I was cooking lunch yesterday when I heard Tim and the boys laughing loud and hard. I peaked around the corner and witnessed one of the best things in the world - daddy playing with his children. Tim was in his recliner with Isaac on one knee and Nicholas on the other. He was making weird noises and tickling them at the same time. My heart lit up like flowers blooming in the Spring. It was at that very moment that I decided not to stray from the things that are important to me. It reminded me that I love my life, kids and husband and only a fool would seek something new. I have been a fool in the past but there is no way on God's green earth that I would act on urges again.

~~Thank God for laughter

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