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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Now that I am determined to blog every single day, I am (once again) going to be changing a few things around. I want a couple of things for my blog that I either don't have the time to find or don't have the time to make - either way - I don't have time! So, should you know where to find any one of these items, please leave it in the comments!

Calendar! (the kind that looks like a calendar)

Okay, so that's all that I have for now. *laughing*

How was my day?

Well, it started too early for my taste. I've been a big sleepy head since I've been sick and this morning's wake up at 4:30am came a bit too early for me. Never-the-less, my day trudged through with very little interruption. Tim is home so you can imagine what the house looks like now. My dinner table is doubling as a folding table and has 5 loads folded on it. I have clean dishes in the drainer and dirty dishes in the sink. My floors are in desperate need of my attention and no one notices because of the array of toys covering it. Tomorrow I am hosting a dinner party and the morning will be filled with scents of clorox, lysol and floor cleaner. Everything must be in its place, every surface clean, dinner prepared by 6:00pm and I have to look as wonderful as I want to feel.

~~Wish me luck


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