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the life of a mother with youth

Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Okay okay...

Life is trivial. One minute everything is fine - nothing could be better and then BAM, the bottom falls out and you don't know what in the hell happened. Such is my life. Just as I think things have finally calmed down, I get hit with a blow that knocks me back under and over my head. Let's analyze this.

House :
Good news! The house is clean but damn it hasn't shrunk. I spend my days slaving away and you can't tell from hour to hour that I have done anything. I think I'll start going through every room and throwing out the things with dust on it. I figure that if dust is present, we don't use it and thus we don't need it.

Kids :
Both of the kids have been sick again. I know that Isaac gets germs from school and I could send him through a clean room but he would still be hosting something that will get him sick and naturally, the only thing that kids will share is germs.

~Isaac - school is.....Well, honestly, I'm tired of it. I'm tired of his 'teacher'. I'd like to give her a piece of my mind and then whip her ass in front of the entire staff. It's that bad. I can't stand people that aren't forward enough with others or honest enough with themselves to act completely natural regardless of their current peers. I mean, don't kiss my ass man!

~Nicholas is teething. For those of you who have lived through this, I accept your sympathies and for those who have yet to experience this, I feel sorry for you (in advance). Baby Oragel isn't enough to keep our littlest man happy, oh no, but gnawing on Mom's nips do the trick. I'm seriously investigating my mental status on breastfeeding.

~Hanna, our dear pooch. She is a great dog: strong, beautiful, intelligent and most of the time obedient but she has a few behavioral problems. Chewing on things that are not hers. Okay, I was fine with her chewing up miscellaneous kid toys because hey! My work load got lighter but her most resent chewing no-no was Tim's favorite ball cap. As you can very well imagine, it did not go over good. Problem #2 is her strange attraction and execution of pissing on Isaac's floor. I can take her out, she can piss on everything in site and 10 minutes later I have to clean up piss on Isaac's floor. It is only one particular spot. I don't understand this! (help if you can) and last but not least the trash contents destroyer. *sigh* Her favorite thing to do, while unsupervised, is trash my house - literally. I don't like trash.

~Tim my wonderful husband whom I love with all my heart but can't stand him and I would like to beat the hell out of him about right now. The regular homely stress is bad enough without dealing with an insensible husband. For the last few months he has had the worst attitude. I'm ready to kill him and collect the life insurance money.

Now for highlights in my life that you missed:

~Riding Fence. "Riding fence" is an old cowboy term used to describe the process of inspecting and replacing or repairing fence. We have a pasture and a big dog that needs to run. It seems like the best thing in the world for Hanna would be to let her run free for a few minutes each day. My husband and I walked the fence, found 2 areas that were not Hanna-proof and proceeded to make plans to fix it.

~Mudfest '05. After purchasing supplies for the fence repairs, my wonderful husband decided to drive our car, 1995 Kia Sportage, into the pasture. Folks, take my advice and never drive a Kia Sportage into a pasture. 6 hours later and a friend's 4x4 pick-up truck later, our car was on pavement again. Status on the fence - half finished. Tim did finish the project the next day though.

Well folks, I hope that was enough to tie you over until tomorrow.



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