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Saturday, February 26, 2005
A good time...

Dinner was perfect. The kids had a blast playing and we had a great time with Joni and her husband Mack. It's been too long since Tim and I found a couple to have dinner with. Joni and Mack are people that you don't have to learn to like. They are down to earth and just like Tim and I - living the best we can and hard working to provide for our families. Joni is a stay-at-home mom like me and Mack works long hours like Tim. We understand eachother as couples! It's a friendship that I will not let go of. It helps that our kids play well together too. Joni and Mack are mother and father of Courtney, 3, and Tyler, 22 months. Isaac and Courtney are joined at the hip - they play together at school and every chance that they get at home. Nicholas and Tyler have a blast together. They will be cuter when Nicholas is walking.

Speaking of Nicholas walking...
In my neglagence to blog, you haven't been updated! Nicholas is pulling up on everything in sight. He is also using anything that is tall enough to push across the floor so that he can walk. If he would let go, he'd take off running. It won't be long now!

Joni and Mack didn't leave until late last night and I was exhausted. Even though I scrubbed the house last night, with 5 kids, 4 adults and Hanna in my house, it is a disaster area. I'll be cleaning today!

~~Have a Great Day :)


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