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Monday, January 31, 2005
Driving in the Snow and Ice...

There were only a few curves and hills that I worried about as I trotted through the snow with my sleeping babies. Thank God they were sleeping, I'm not positive that I could have concentrated enough to get us home safe had they been awake. Down Fisher Valley, I slipped a few times. The mountainous road is curvey and very dangerous in any weather with the only exception being sunny and clear. In second gear and cruising at 20 miles per hour, I topped the hill that worried me so - the one that Mom wrecked on during an ice storm. I felt at ease then but was still cautious. Once on Zephyr Road, I again began to get fearful, I had to cross the bridge that spans 4 lanes of interstate highway. Bridges ice faster than roads and if the road is already ice, the bridge is pretty much uncrossable. I made my way, slipping a few times. Finally, I was over the bridge and decided to stop at the store to get milk. I didn't know how long it would be before I could travel the roads again. I purchased the milk and took a heavy sigh before returning to the road.

A few years ago, I wrecked my camaro on a certain curve that I had to go around on the icy road. I had forgotten about the curve before I got to it and dreaded it once I realized that I had to take the curve. Just before I would have to round it, a spotted another vehicle coming around. I slowed down enough so that both of us would not have to share the road in the middle of the curve. I'm glad that I did, that motorist spun out and landed in a ditch. I did not want to go any further but I was halfway home. I phoned the state police, without stopping, and continued safely through the curve. Now I was approaching the city of Dobson and with an eased heart, I continued through the snow and ice at the cruising speed of 20 mph. I was approaching the stop lights before I realized that I would have to stop if the light was red. I did not want to stop, it is easier to slow down than to stop. Once you stop it is hard to get going again.. The heavens were with me because as I slowed to stop for the red light, it changed to green and I did not have to stop completely. I had one more turn to take before I could get out of the car with my children. A truck came up behind me as I had to take the sharp road to the left, he was right on the back of my car and I feared to slow down. I tapped my brakes a couple of times and gave a signal, hoping he would back off but he didn't. I took the turn with him hard on my heels. Finally I am on my road, the one that held my house only 2.7 miles away. I tried not to get too excited that I had made it. I lacked one huge hill before I could turn into my driveway. I shifted to first gear and took the hill at 10 mph. The truck behind me was not happy about my driving skills. I assume he wanted me to go 55mph on the ice. He was on his horn so that it woke Isaac and Nicholas up. Hanna began barking and I had only a half of a mile to go. I could see the lights of my porch on and I was happy to turn off of the road and into my front yard. I didn't want to risk the driveway under the current conditions. It would have been something to make it home - 11 miles through the snow and ice - and end up wrecking on my own driveway.

I made it. The car made it. The kids made it.

~Thanks again Chris


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