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the life of a mother with youth

Sunday, December 26, 2004
Tis the season to be jolly...

I have to admit that Christmas has not ment that much to me in many years. After moving out of my parent's house, it was just another day to Tim and I without children. Once we had and lost Audrey, I was basically dead on Christmas. My sister helped me with this by bringing a little girl who was about the same age that Audrey would have been who happened to have the same color hair and eyes. It was devistating and I never really got over it. This is our 5th Christmas without Audrey. It's getting better.

I refuse to feed Isaac the Santa bullshit. I do not understand how parents expect their children to be honest when, at some point or another, they will learn that their parents have been lieing to them about a fat man in a red suit. I remember when I made the Santa discovery and I felt very betrayed. In our house, our children will learn the true meaning of Christmas -- Jesus's birthday. In honor of Jesus's birthday - we give and receive, giving is more important than receiving and family is more important than anything.

For Christmas, Isaac got various toys but he did get his Leap Pad. This will help me teach him to read, something that he has been asking for. What better gift to give a child? Once he learns to read, his adventures will be unlimited. Nicholas got developmental educational toys - the Peek-A-Blocks.

I had a custom leather, hand-crafted, belt made for Tim. I think he will like it. The only reason he doesn't have it yet is because he went to work after the kids opened their presents. He did, however, get personal play time with me - you know how men are.

I got a Hoover Floor Mate. With 2800 square feet of hardwood floors I need it. You guys think I'm a neat freak. You don't realize the space that I have to maintain and it takes daily scrubbing to keep it clean. *laughing*

I've started a new project for myself - scrapbooking. I've never really done it on paper before. I design webpages and it is very similar to scrapbooking in that it is layers, each page needs to pop. Wish me luck on this. My first scrapbook will be of Isaac's first school year. I have pictures of most of the events and access to the pictures that other parents have taken. I plan to do this on the computer and print out the pages but I'm not sure that I'll get the effect that I want that way. Some things are just better if done by hand. Any suggestions?

The New Year is approaching very fast. I've accomplished everything and some that I wanted to this year. I'll post about my new goals soon.

How was your Christmas?


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