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Wednesday, December 29, 2004
Speaking of reading...

I'm a sucker for a good book. Back in grade school, I was the captain of a club called "Battle of the Books." At the beginning of the school year, the clubs from each school were given the exact same list of 20 books and given 5 months to read them. Each team consisted of no more than 8 people and only 4 could answer questions at a time. The competitions were outright, the team of 4 people would be the captain and 3 others, a mediator asked questions and, much like Jeopardy, the first team to buzz in and answer the question correctly, got the point. Team with the most points moved on to the next round until there was only one team that had not lost a round. I read all 20 of those books, memorized every detail in them and walked into competitions with my head high. I loved the competition, the reading and was very proud of myself for leading my team to victory and bringing home the Gold.

When I got to college, my interest in reading shifted. I developed a need to absorb everything that I read and became an encyclopedia reader with the same passion for memorizing the facts. For the past 5 years, I've engulfed myself in How-To books, mostly parenting and breastfeeding. I also have a interest in well written and illustrated children books, for obvious reasons.

On the last trip to the library to exchange our books, I spoke with the librarian. I described my reading to her and told her that I am getting bored reading facts and other opinions - nonfiction wasn't doing it for me anymore. I had almost lost my need to read. I ask her for suggestions explaining that I didn't want to read romance novels with thick love scenes and stupid women, I don't mind language that would insult others and I'm not interested in Harry Potter like stories. She recommended two books.

"'A' is for Alibi" by Sue Grafton.
"When Laurence Fif, an unscrupulous divore lawyer and reputed philanderer, was found murdered years ago, not many people in town mourned his passing. And no one, including the trial jurors, doubted wo had done the deed:all clues pointed to Nikki Fife, the victim's stunning young temptress of a wife.

Now, eight years later, Nikki is out on parole. Still maintaining her innocence and desperately seeking the real killer, Nikki retains ace private eye Kinsey Millhone to hunt down the truth--as acted out by some unexpected characters from Fife's past..."

It rocked. It has been a very long time since I got pulled into a book so far that I didn't want to put it down. Since my house was completely clean yesturday, I did not clean today. I mostly played with the kids and read the book on in between moments. I started it and finished it today, it was that good. I like the way this chick writes. It's light but detailed and easy flowing. I highly recommend this book for a groovy weekender or a rainy day replacement for sleep.



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