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the life of a mother with youth

Monday, December 20, 2004
Party In Momma's Bed? What?

The kids and I played hard all day. Nicholas took his usual naps but Isaac refused, as usual. Even though his resistance, I managed to get him to lay down for 1 hour, without sleeping, just so that I could catch my breathe. At normal bedtimes and after the usual rituals, the boys go to bed without any problems. I settle in early and feel good about the day that we've had and look forward to the couple hours of sleep that I'll be getting.

As if!

Nicholas sleeps with me, always has and it isn't something that I want to change anytime soon. He is a breast baby and we both prefer that he stay close to his breasts. Isaac sleeps in his own room, in his own bed and falls asleep watching his own television - just the way he likes it. I don't know if it was the wind or just that he got lonely but by 1:30 AM, Isaac was in bed with Nicholas and me. By 2:00 AM, the boys were playing and by 3:00 AM, I had enough. I put both of the boys into Nicholas's crib, in Nicholas's room and pulled the door to an almost closed position to keep the screaming to a minimum. Both of them hate it but I think they are learning an important lesson - Momma needs her sleep.

I'm writing this morning, 3:00 AM, while listening to Isaac cry for me and Nicholas scream for me. I'll only let it happen for 30 minutes. They are together, in a safe place, have a nightlight on and will just have to learn to sooth each other since they made my bed into a party. At 3:30 AM, I will enter the nursery and take them back to my bed, for what I hope will be, for a quiet remaining night in which I can get some sleep.

~~barely holding on to my sanity


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