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Friday, December 17, 2004
Parental Concern...

Isaac has been going to this preschool since the end of August and I am really impressed about what he is learning but at the same time, I am concerned with what he is not learning. He is a very bright 3 year old. So far at school, he has learned some important social skills but their motto is to learn through play. Sure, kids should have fun but while learning? I don't recall school being a play place but I do recall the teachers that made me laugh on several occasions. Isaac will be out of school soon, next Tuesday, and I really want to do something with him that I think he should know by now.

With it being the Christmas Season here, they have taught him about Santa Claus. I have reservations about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. I know that it is all for the kids but I don't understand how parents lie to their children from their birth and expect to raise honest children. I recall when I discovered that Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy weren't real. I felt as though I could not trust my parents. I refuse to allow my children to go through the same phase. I do believe that children need something to believe in. I understand why people use the myths and I don't discourage other parents using them. I will, however, give my children something real to believe in - religion. Now that you know my stance, I walked into the classroom this evening to find the teacher telling Isaac that if he was a bad boy, Santa would not come to see him and leave him presents. Isaac got upset. I quickly went over to Isaac and told him that there was no such thing as Santa and to never believe anyone that says differently. I told him that Christmas was Jesus birthday and that we celebrated by giving each other gifts. The teacher got mad at me. She told me that Isaac needed to know about Santa Claus - it would help him behave. I told her that lying to my child would not help him behave and that if she knew no other way than to lie to a child, she needed to quit her job to allow someone with a brain to take over. She got really upset and said that Isaac would be the one to ruin it for the other children. I wanted badly to beat this woman into a bloody pulp. I, again, explained my theory on lying and that when the other children discovered it, it would not be Isaac's fault. Parents should not lie to their children - about anything.

So Isaac has a big break coming up, over 20 days, and I want to work with him, daily on a schedule, on things that kids need to know. He knows his A, B, C song but does not recognize his letters. He is interested in reading and pretends to read all of the time. I think he is ready to start the long learning process. I think that if you teach a child when they are ready to do something, the foundation is stronger. Thus, if I begin now, he will be a stronger reader later. I've made a schedule to stick to from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM - normal school hours here. Each day we will work on a new letter. For each letter, we will color, write, learn phonics and do some kind of fun activity to etch the letter into his little head. I will introduce a new letter only when he has mastered the current letter. I am confident that by the 10th day, he will learn at a much faster rate than the previous 9 days. We may not get through the entire alphabet on Christmas vacation but he will have at least started.

If this works out, I am debating on keeping him in preschool. Some of the behaviors he is learning there make me mad. He has learned to hit, bite and swear. These are not good things in this house. My children have been and will continue to be raised in an old fashioned state of mind. He will speak nicely to everyone, especially women, use his manners, act dignified in public and treat other children like he wants to be treated. Hitting is only to be used as communication when talking has failed. At the same time, he will be able to handle his self when the need arises. I have taught him not to hit first - never start a fight but to always finish one the winner. My children will not be pushed around and come home crying to Momma. Instead, they will give fair warning to the other child that wants to fight - talk it out first and if all else fails, they will whip the other child. This is already instinct for Isaac but it needs refining - a lot of it. Right now, Isaac skips the talking bit and goes right in for the physical part. As soon as he is 5, he will be enrolled in some sort of martial arts for structured how to other than good old fashioned ass kickin'.

I wonder, dear readers, how you feel about preschool - teaching your kids at home - and how you address hitting. I know that most of you do not have children but these are things to consider!


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