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Tuesday, December 28, 2004
New Year's Resolutions...

Each year the average person makes commitments to themselves that are usually completely far fetched and impossible to keep. I am no different. I've made some of the most outlandish New Year's resolutions. I've taken a moment to recollect my past year and I've decided that I have learned a lot and accomplished more than any other year. My family has grown and at the same time we've stopped it from expanding anymore, Isaac is in school, Nicholas is still breastfeeding (yah!) and is trying to walk, Tim still loves his job, I still love that Tim still loves his job, we bought a house, and we are truly a happy little family.

In addition to the strides that my family has accomplished, this has been a big year for me personally. I've given blood 4 times, cut my hair, had a healthy child, gained lots of weight as a result and lost a total of 79lbs thus far, completely changed the way I shop, cook and the way our family eats, started my own business and managed it all with a baby on one or the other of my breasts. It's been a busy year but definitely a fruitful one.

I'm not sure that I could, or would want to, top this year. My resolutions for 2005 is to continue my quest to get my family healthy, in every aspect, to keep everything as happy as it is now, get involved in more charity work, complete the basement project, and read more. I could promise to quit smoking - yeah right - but why set myself up for a disappointment?

What are your resolutions?


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