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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
The Insensitivity of Men...

In general, historically, men are insensitive to everything. The only things that they are not sensitive about are topics directly related to themselves, their personal thoughts, feelings, loyalty to friends and other criteria concerning his penis. My husband, dear as he may be, is also guilty of the insensitivity disorder. A perfect example of how self-centered all men will be at one point of another lies below. Fair warning though, it is of sexual nature - after all, we are speaking of a man.

Usually, my husband comes home from work and helps me do my duties as his wife and the mother of our children. He doesn't mind doing the dishes, floors or laundry. He actually likes doing the bathroom and prefers to make the beds himself. Historically, mostly caused by my lack of interest, the fact that we don't have many sexual encounters has not phased him. He obediently comes home and works here too. I love this quality about him. He is not afraid to provide the bread, serve it and clean up after it. This happens to be #2 as to why I chose to breed with him, #1 being money - of course.

If you've read recent posts, you are aware of my molar extraction on Wednesday. Tim assured me that I would not have to lift a finger when he got home. Being sick, having a tooth ache and not being able to sleep for just about a week now has really worn me down. Never-the-less, Tim arrived before Isaac went to school. His promise to me quickly went out the window and I have spent the majority of the day catering to his every wish. Men!

In addition to this, and the source of my utter dissatisfaction and appalledness, tonight, only 1 day after my extraction and after weeks of not being able to care for myself properly, completely exhausted, Tim wants me to suck his dick. Okay people, I'm going to have a problem with this! Hello?!?! Is this mic on? Can you not see, hear, feel or think? Jesus Christ! His wish, this time, was not granted. Instead, he got an ear full, an ashtray thrown against his head and he went to bed without me. If it kills me, I will teach him to be sensitive to my needs - which doesn't include sucking his dick.

Until further notice, I am on strike. I will not cook, clean, do laundry, make beds, put gas in the car or do anything that doesn't directly involve myself - at least while he is home. He will not benefit from anything that I do. I can barely open my mouth wide enough to host a fork with a small amount of food on it, much less his dick. I mean how dare him!



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