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Saturday, December 04, 2004
In the depths of the dungeon...

Until recently, our basement was home to miscellaneous creatures, stacks of boxes, piles of things that we didn't use anymore and other creepy things. The basement also serves as the laundry area for this household. We've dreamed of building something down there to double our living space and have an area to entertain. We never could agree on what it is that we wanted to do with the space. Tim's dreams involved a huge flat screen plasma television and sofa where he could watch his westerns without me screaming at him to turn it down. My dreams were an apartment for guests or the occasional i-need-a-place-for-a-little-while-can-i-stay-with-you space. In a modest attempt to visualize the space, Tim has been working on clearing out the clutter for the past month. He has removed one pile at a time and hauling it wherever it needed to go. The only things he hasn't thrown out are those that can be donated or sold at a yard sale. After Thanksgiving, when the guests had left, we went into the dungeon to see what kind of space we are working with. Our ultimate goal was to agree on something! We gathered supplies: painters tape and a couple of dark crayons. The tape was to depict where we would put walls and the crayons were to label each room and the placement of needed things like toilet, tub and electrical outlets. This was so that we could get an idea of where to start once we had agreed on something.

Current view of basement:

Future view of basement:

As you can see, we have our work cut out for us but Tim is confident that we will be completely finished with the construction by the spring. I'm thinking NEXT spring - we'll see who is right. The grooviest part about this project though is that it meets both my wishes and his wishes. He'll still have his plasma TV viewing station, I'll have an adult space to entertain and it can still be used as a rented apartment should someone need it or we get strapped for cash.

Cool features of the new space :
  • The pool table will be great for adults, the kids when they get older AND can be converted into an elegant dining area that seats 14+ people with the simple addition of a carved top.
  • The living room will double as a bedroom because the sofa will host a pull-out bed making it NO problem for overnight guests to have privacy.
  • When the kids get really older and want to stay home but want privacy, we can charge them rent. HA!
  • We're putting an bath tub in the bathroom. Yeah! There is only a stand up shower in the bathroom upstairs and it makes for an interesting bath time for the boys.

    Construction Steps:
  • Redo existing plumbing. It's currently copper pipes and not a good idea. PVC will be replacing the copper.
  • Sealing the basement walls. They are the cinder blocks and we need a good moisture barrier.
  • Framing the walls.
  • Electrical wires through framed walls to compensate what we need.
  • Install drop ceiling panels.
  • Sheetrock on walls, install toilet and tub.
  • Install cabinets and flooring.
  • Decorate

    Decorating is going to be super groovy. Tim wants to go with a Western theme but since his little blowjob mistake, we'll be going with my Tuscany idea. I plan on hand painting murals onto every wall that resembles a garden, using antique finishes on switches, faucets and fixtures and tile flooring. We'll see but the decorating is far off. So far, we only lack the raw lumber for wall framing and the flooring. We have all of the cabinetry for the kitchen and bathrooms, as well as the sinks, bathtub and furniture. We don't have a pool table yet but we will.



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