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the life of a mother with youth

Tuesday, November 30, 2004
A Serious Pain In The....


That's right. I have a throbbing tooth that emulates pain throughout my mouth, down the left side of my neck and it disperses through my body from there. It all started back in 1998, my first pregnancy. The prenatal vitamins made me sicker than sick. I went through 6 different variations and 7 months of the pregnancy before I found a prenatal vitamin that agreed with my system. My second pregnancy posed the same problem as the miracle prenatal vitamin was discontinued. I've tried 24 different prenatal vitamins over a span of 3 pregnancies with only one, discontinued, success.

There are many misconceptions about prenatal vitamins. Some women think prenatal vitamins are essential for the healthy growth of their child. This is untrue. The prenatal vitamins are to replenish the mother's health. A woman's body is as complicated as women are to men - mentally. Our bodies are designed to carry, deliver and feed a child without any outside help. What most women do not realize is that giving to our children takes away from ourselves. Most mother's figure this out when the child is wearing brand new clothes and they've had to sew kitchen towels together to make a skirt. Even after hosting our children for 9 months, we can not put ourselves before our children - with a few exceptions to this rule. Those exceptions are the mothers that should never be mothers, watch the news and you will know exactly what I mean. So prenatal vitamins replace, in our bodies, what the baby requires. I couldn't take them and, lucky or not, bad teeth are my result. Many mothers in my same situation face anemia and degenerating bones, this is why I am luckier than most.

So what happens to my teeth? A calcium deficiency has caused my teeth to be exceptionally weak. So weak that, on the way to South Carolina, to get my father for Thanksgiving, Nicholas and I were snacking on Cheese Doodles (the crunchy ones) when one of my molars shattered in my mouth. You can not imagine the sudden burst of pain. When I say it hurt, I mean it hurt. I've been through two natural deliveries of children over 8 lbs, a c-section, and laproscopy, two tattoos and numerous piercing. None of them compared to this pain. I've dealt with the pain and put of dental care but today my pain worsened.

Eating has been near to impossible. When I do eat, the pain makes me nauseous. My milk supply has decreased to the point that Nicholas has to stay on my breast to be adequately nourished. It gets worse.

Today, while brushing my teeth to try and ease pain, the bristles on my brush hit the exposed nerve in my mouth. I almost puked. I couldn't move my tongue or my jaw, which was left wide open. I couldn't speak, cry or do anything but stand there, looking in the mirror watching blood gush from my mouth. After many moments, I was able to spit. I was about to rinse the sink when I noticed something in the blood. I was not inspecting it but thought it important to find out what it was. With toilet paper and careful hands, I found that it was a portion of my tooth. Holy Shit! I'm still throbbing, bleeding and in complete awe that my tooth brush broke my tooth - I mean, who ever thought that a tooth brush could bring someone to their knees without stabbing them in the eye with it? - when I call my dentist and tell him what has happened. I have an appointment for, hopefully, a repair but most likely an extraction for tomorrow. I really don't care what he does as long as I have remaining teeth or dentures.

~happy chewing!


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