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Monday, November 01, 2004
Needle In A Haystack...

It was no joke that I lost our house payment. Although I didn't cry, I wanted to. Tim was very angry, and really still is, at me. I've dealt with the smart comments and the looking when I possessed just a $1.00 bill in my pocket. I've learned to swallow my pride when Tim made comments like, "Do you think you can keep that dollar and not lose it?" I've been working overtime to somehow make $510.00 to replace it so that maybe it would all stop. I got a call at about 11:00 AM from our landlord.
"April, Billy was outside and went to dump a load of leaves over the bank and found part of your bank envelope. You might want to get someone to come over here and go down the bank to find the money."

As soon as I could get us dressed I was out the door. Since I am the one that lost it, I was going down the bank -- no matter what the bank looked like.

After picking Mom up, we headed up the mountain to Billy and Carol's house. Upon arriving, Billy met us in the driveway to show us where he dumps his leaves. He has a yard vacuum and sucks up the cut grass and fallen leaves weekly. He explained that he went to dump a load of leaves over the bank and happened to look down and found the bank envelope.

When I was in college, myself and a group of friends would go rock climbing any chance that we got. It used to scare my mom out of her wits. She would beg me not to go rock climbing with "amateurs". Well, today those skills came in handy.
The bank is about 20 foot down and at a grade so steep that it required a ladder that was tied to a tree at the top since the bottom happens to be a river. I took a couple of quick draws off of a smoke while I pondered where I would start. He has been dumping leaves here for 12 years. I knew that if I were to make a wrong move, I'd be in the river and that I'd probably take the money with me. Even though I didn't have the proper shoes and only leaves to stabilize myself with, I managed to recover $271.00 and half of a $100.00 of my lost $510 as well as stay dry. I did look like I had been wrestling a wild boar though. I was covered from head to toe in leaf fragments and mud.

Unfortunately, my party days are over eM. When you become a mother, you buy the things your family needs first which happened to be groceries. I did have a blast grocery shopping though. It was odd really but the boys got along and Nicholas let me put him in the buggy without crying. I spend the majority of what I found today and I'm glad that now my cup runneth over. If all else fails - we'll have food.



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