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Thursday, November 04, 2004
Mr. Clean...

I am not obsessive about cleaning. I am not a compulsive cleaner but I do enjoy the fact that anyone can stop by my house at any time and it be sparkling. If your favorite star, regardless of the genre, were to stop by your house at this very instance, who would be ashamed of the condition of their house? What if they needed to spend the night? Are your sheets clean? Fresh towels in the bathroom? Soap scum ring around the tub? Toilet sparkling? I'd open the door wide, invite them in, cook them something to eat and kick back.

My house isn't exactly sparkling at the moment though. I have yet to go to the laundry mat to wash bedspreads, my sheets are clean though. I still lack the floors, as I didn't get to them yesterday. I have a few dishes to wash and I need to get my dinner gong for tomorrow when Tim gets home.
Tomorrow's Menu

  • baked ham
  • fordhook lima beans
  • fresh corn on the cob
  • potato salad
  • steamed veggies
  • biscuits
  • from scratch pumpkin pie
  • fried apple pies (Tim's fav)

  • Today has started rougher than most mornings though. I woke up early this morning to get motivated and it was drizzling outside, I was completely out of cigarettes and that combination means that my coffee won't kick in until about 10:00AM. *deep sigh* So after shuffling Isaac off to school, I loaded Nicholas in the car and went to the store for a pack of smokes. The weather has broke and the sun is trying to peak out. I'm on my way to the laundry mat. I'll wash, dry and fold the linens there to save time at home. When I return, I'll go through each room, cleaning - even the floor - until the entire house is sparkling, smelling fresh and ready for Daddy's return. Then I'll start on tomorrow's dinner. Ham is best when it is baked slowly on a low temperature in the oven. 300 degrees for 8 hours should produce a ham that will melt in your mouth. Potato salad is always best the day after it is originally made so I will also prepare this. The pumpkin pie will be from scratch so before the ham can go in the oven, I need to wash and cut 2 pie pumpkins in half and bake them until they are soft. While those are baking, I'll make the pie crust and get it ready to replace the pumpkin in the oven. Then I'll have to remove the skin and strain the pumpkin to make sure it is smooth. The beans will go in the crockpot and dinner will be complete with the exception of biscuits and steamed veggies. Tomorrow, an hour before dinner, I'll wrap the corn in tinfoil and bake it nice and slow in the oven with the ham, steam veggies and replace the ham and corn in the oven with made from scratch biscuits. It's always easier to cook over a span of time than all in one day. If you do it all in one day, by the time you get done, you can't eat what you've cooked. I imagine that our appetites will be strong after smelling ham for 8 hours.

    More to come later...

    More hath come!
    Dinner is well on its way. The pumpkin pie is ready for assembly and baking and all that I lack to do tomorrow is steam veggies. The ham has cast a wonderful aroma throughout the house. I'm SO hungry that it is getting hard to follow the "no eating after 7PM rule." The house is beautiful. All of the bedspreads are clean and crisp.

    Tim's ETA : 1:00 AM


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