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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Is my ass really that big?

Ok, so I over exerted myself yesterday with the whole bank thing. I woke up this morning so sore that I could barely move. I hurt in places that I forgot that I had and it suddenly hit me that my ass is HUGE! Now that the large lump of fat is aching, I can feel every inch of it. I ask my hubby why he didn't tell me how large my ass is and his reply was:
"You've been working on it. Its smaller now than it used to be."

Okay, fair enough. So I had planned on going back to the bank today but my mother informed me that she would not be able to help with Nicholas. My husband is working, Joni is busy and that's about all that I know to help me with him. Tim suggested my grandpa earlier this morning and I was able to catch him before he left to piddle with his friends. When he arrived, we went to find more money. We were there for a total of 2 hours before it started raining.

Yesterday's discovery : $271.00 and 1/2 of a $100.00
Today's discovery : $120.00
Total : $491.00
Left to be found : $20.00

I told my husband, and you I do believe, that I lost the money and I would see to it that we regained it somehow. I have, at least most of it. I do, however, feel that the irony here is just grossly humorous. Consider this:

I lost $510.00 and found it on a bank.

Tomorrow involves my going to a public laundry mat to wash our oversized blankets and sofa covers. I know that you know how excited I am about this. I also get to do my floors again.



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