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the life of a mother with youth

Sunday, November 14, 2004
In the thick of things...

Friday afternoon, I got an interesting phone call from Isaac's school. I thought everyone would be off at their teaching seminar but it turns out that the administration did not attend. My conversation with DG took about 2 hours of my time and we discussed everything from child bearing to raising and how it directly involved Isaac at school. I expressed my disappointment in the system and maintained a professional attitude (which is a personal milestone for myself). After commenting that from now on, I will not be involved in anything that isn't directly related to Isaac, she went all to pieces. I told her that I quit Policy Council because I can not be apart of something that I don't believe in and they had lost my trust thus losing my participation. I went on to explain that the Policy Council encourages all questions, comments and complaints but does not support parents through concerns. She ask what she could do to regain my trust and I told her that it wasn't up to her. I demand apologies from those that have wronged me in front of the people that they have slain my name to. I, again, explained that I had a healthy lawsuit against the school for forgery, slander and breech of the privacy agreement. After explaining how I had such a lawsuit, she ensured me that I would get my apologies, plus some, and that my involvement in the school is very important to her and every other administration as well as Isaac. I don't mind my ass being kissed but it was the wrong person doing it and I explained that to her.

Tim was home this weekend and due to his feeling deprived of wifely affections, I avoided the internet, telephone and door bell. We had a relatively quite couple of days. We spent our time loving on our children and hanging out in a family unit way. Tim and I watched several Disney movies with the boys and got in the floor to play with them. Times like those is what makes being a wife and mother the most important and rewarding thing that I do. I'm lucky to have a husband that values his wife and children as much as I value him as a husband and our children. We did go out to get Tim's check, go to the bank and do some needed shopping. In the process though, something very odd happened.

On our outing, Tim took us to the mall. He explained that he needed a new travel bag. Tim's needs in the travel bag department are very specific. He travels for 5 out of 7 days. He needs something sturdy, large enough to hold his things and with a very specific zipper. You can laugh, I did when I found out that a zipper is more important than anything else when shopping for a travel bag. Anyways, we were walking into the mall and Nicholas's shoe came off. Tim took Isaac by the hand and said to me, "Finish your smoke, we'll be right back." I thought nothing of it and sat there, happily discussing peoples wrong outfits with Nicholas and smoking my smoke. When I finished, I looked up and saw Tim and Isaac coming back.
"I need you to go into the jewelry store and give them your fingers."
"uh, which finger? Don't you think I need all of my fingers?"
"*laughing*Every finger dear and they'll give them back."

I went into the store, alone, and the guy ask me if I was Mrs. S. Then he measured every finger.
"So, why do you need my ring sizes?"
"That's a secret."
"Because your husband is a very large man and he says that it is."
"He's really just a big pussycat, let me handle him, so what did you say this was for?"
"I'll point the obvious out to you and then I'm going in the back to record your ring size. Obviously it is to determine your ring sizes."

He left! It was honestly the first time that I haven't been able to get exactly what I wanted from a man. I was disappointed. I came out of the store with my head hung and Tim laughed at me.
"You tried to find out what it was for didn't you?"
*angry look*
"You didn't find anything out did you?"
"Only the obvious."
"What's the obvious?"
"That you had me go in there to get my fingers measured so as to determine my ring sizes."
"*laughing at me AGAIN* Duh honey, you may need a vacation, your sharp skills are getting dull."
"Gee thanks."

I'm sure that my ring size is needed for a ring. I don't know what kind of ring or for which finger. I'm sure it is a Christmas present though. Let's take a minute to recap the presents given to me by my husband.
1st Anniversary = a $2000 vacuum cleaner (Kirby)
All other Anniversaries = nothing
2003 Christmas = nothing
2004 Birthday = nothing
2004 Mother's Day = nothing

As you can see, my husband either doesn't like shopping or I am hard to buy for. I'm not hard to buy for but do keep in mind that I don't do the regular mushy flowers, candy, sexy things to wear at night stuff. I hope he doesn't go overboard.

~~Quietly Content


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