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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Busy As A Bee...

It seems as though I only post about cleaning, which would make regular people question my sanity. Some describe me as compulsive and this morning's post will surely justify it.

Here I sit, at 6:00 AM. I've been up and working since 4:30 AM. My work has involved cleaning the kitchen and the cartoon room. I haven't had much time lately to devote to the house between the school and volunteering. I'll explain.

I've been on several field trips with Isaac's school. I like helping and 18, 3 and 4 year olds, can be a bit much for two teachers on an outing. I dread grocery shopping with my two. On these trips, I've got to know the kids and their personalities. I've been concerned about one child in particular and the fact that he can use his hands for nothing but punching, hitting, scratching and beating other kids and mainly in their faces. I have a problem with this so I've ask, several times, what can be done and each time I get this explanation:
"Child A is in an unstable home with only his mother and three older brothers. His father walked out last year and now the mom leaves the care of her children to her oldest while she goes on dates. We know he is troubled but he was much worse last year."

The day of the Halloween Day at Isaac's school, I witnessed the head teacher tell the kids, not once but twice, to "SHUT UP!" Okay, pardon me but I happen to have a problem with this. Also, Child A continued to abuse the other children. I also happen to have a problem with this, still. So after returning home from Halloween Day with my husband, children, Joni and her children, I called the office of the school and explained what was going on and ask what could be done about it. The lady listened contently and gave me the number to the head office and the extension of the person that I needed to speak with. I called the head office and spoke with the needed person and again explained what I had witnessed on the field trips and the current day at school. She assured me that it would be confidential and resolved quickly. Neither were true.

The very next day, Joni was literally cussed out by the main teacher on the phone. She was very upset and came over to my house to tell me what had happened. I again called the main office to give an update on the situation.

In an attempt not to make this post a record length, the treatment of Joni and myself by the teachers, staff and other parents has dramatically changed. So much so that last Friday, Joni went to pick up her child and was ask to do the laundry by the main teacher, since Joni's name was on the sign-up sheet for laundry. She was also told that I had done laundry before. Laundry consists of 18 blankets and 18 sheets. I have never done laundry and when Joni called to ask me I was appalled. She ended up bringing the laundry over and we did it together. Do not get me wrong, I do not mind doing the laundry. I would go as far to do it every Friday just so the teachers wouldn't have to go through the pain of having the find someone willing to do it. I do, however, have a problem with my "signature" being on a sheet that I have never signed and statements being made about me that are straight lies. It insults both my integrity and my intelligence.

Monday morning, Joni and I took our kids to school at the same time. We walked in together with our children. The main teacher was conviently out for personal reasons. The teacher's assistant quickly started the laundry conversation with Joni and it went downhill from there. I ask to see my signature on the laundry list and my name, as well as Joni's, was there but in the same signature - neither of which belonged to us. It was the handwriting of the main teacher. In an attempt to not make the shit stink worse, I did not report this to the main office but waited so that I could speak with the main teacher on Tuesday. When Joni returned to school to pick her child up, she was confronted by another parent who was angry with her for reporting the main teacher the week before, telling Joni:
"You need to keep your mouth shut. You do not know what Mainteach is going through right now and your lies are devastating her. I know who the other bitch is that complained and if she would quit hiding, I will confront her too."

Joni was so upset. She called me and told me that she was pulling her child out of the school because the bullshit wasn't worth it. Her husband refused to allow her to remove the child and said that he would handle the situation at the school. For Joni's sake, I was willing to let it all go. Until...

Tuesday morning, yesterday, I went in with Isaac. Joni's hubby was already there with their child and was talking with the food service lady. The Assistant Teacher was again in charge due to the Main Teacher being out again. I did not say anything, to anyone, and was on my way out the door when the food service chick points at me and calls me a liar. Whew. I do hope that you appreciate the amount of self control that I had to maintain in order not to knock every tooth in her head down her throat. I simply turned and told her that I had never done laundry and I would never do laundry. She proceeded to say that she knew for a fact that I have done laundry because she brought it to me on the bus one Friday afternoon when she dropped off Isaac. I ask her when and she could not reply. I told her that I was not a liar and I would prove it. She rolled her eyes with a "yeah right." I ask Assistant Teach to see the volunteer sheets, that if I had done laundry, it would be on the sheet. She explained that they were turned in every month and they were no longer at the school but at the main office. The Food Service Chick grinned. I looked at her and explained:
"I hope that you do not think that I think that 30 miles one way is too far to go to prove that you are a liar and I am not. If you do, you have badly judged me. I know, you know and these teachers know that I have never done laundry. When the volunteer hours for it is not beside my name, you will only say that I did not mark it down. For that reason, I will go to the main office and do a bit of research. If you where on the bus, Main Teach had to be out. Since laundry goes out on Fridays, it shouldn't be too awfully hard to narrow down if you have been on the bus on a week ending day. If you were, we can ask the person that rode the bus the following Monday if I have turned in laundry on the bus. Now, there are only 3 people that have rode the bus. You, Assistant Teach and that lady right there. So let's eliminate this problem right now. Have you, Assistant Teach or you, Lady, ever gotten laundry from me on any day? *both of them answer "no" and the food service chick's face turned red* Now, do not insult my intelligence again for every time your peon of a brain tries it will always be knocked down."
I left.

I had an appointment at 8:45 AM and after leaving from it, I went straight to the main office of the school. I, once again, explained the problems and added this last episode of retardedness. This time, I also made them aware that I am aware of the FEDERAL law stating that every employee of a government position has to sign a confidentiality agreement. I stated that by other parents being aware of the situation, that agreement was breached and there were only 3 people that could be responsible, if the need be, I would file my own personal suit against the person, school and state for breech of confidentiality agreement, hazing and slander.

My child getting an education should not be this hard. I should not have to fight with anyone. The teacher shouldn't use words like she does and the children that pose a threat to the other children need to be sent home. The lies and bullshit need to stop and everything will be just fine. I refuse to remove Isaac from school. He needs this, regardless of what I have to go through to insure that he is not mentally, emotionally or physically abused in the process.


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