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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
And the winner is...

George W. Bush for a second term in office as the United States of America President. I can not express to you how glad I am that this election is over. The media, as usual, brought too much coverage with too little facts. For 5 hours last night on the national television stations, we watched main anchor women and men wait for the results of each state. In between final counts were a rash of "experts" on various subjects to pollute what was actually going on.

This afternoon, at 1:00 PM EST, John Kerry publically announced, his self, that he was conceding the presidential race. During his blah blah speech about how he knew American's hopes, dreams, fears and stuggles he started to weep. On national television, a grown man shed a tear. What a freaking puss! You lost! It's not the end of the world. He'll be back next year, when Bush is sure to get out of office - being that an American President can only serve 2 consecutives years in office as president. I, again, won't be voting for him because he is a puss. There's no way that I would want a cry baby to be president of this country. It makes me glad that he didn't run in the 2000 race. Had he been president when the towers fell, I can see him now crying like a little baby and sucking his thumb.

I like Bush. I like the way he speaks without prepared speechs. I like the way he throws backyard bar-b-ques on the south lawn, wears a cowboy hat and invites his redneck friends dressed in Wranglers and super starched pressed shirts. I like the way he uses our language instead of dressing up lies with million dollar words. I like the way he stands up to everyone. I like the way he doesn't get emotional about anything. I agree with the War on Terror, someone needs to protect the world and who else should have taken the first step?

These are my real life views on American Politics, they are not based on statistics, political facts or your opinions. For this reason, this post will not allow comments. Sorry but you have your own blog to post your political opinions on and, generally speaking, baseball, religion and politics will always cause an arguement.

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