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Monday, October 11, 2004
The Stupid Award goes to...

Me. Yes, this is correct. I did the stupidest thing yesterday and will cost us, literally, an arm and a leg to fix. I officially qualify for the Most Stupid Award because...

First of all, not an excuse of course, I did not sleep at all last night. Mom got back from vacation to find that her house was infested with fleas. Gross right? Of course but she knew that she would have this problem and that is what initiated the vacation. Friday she went to the vet and bought a 200% guaranteed flea fogger to rid her house of fleas. Since you had to be gone for a while when you set the fogger off, she decided to seize the day and go on a relaxing trip to the beach. When she returned, the fleas were 500 times worse and thus she and Austin came to spend the night. Nicholas and I had taken a late nap and I was completely unable to sleep at all last night.

For the most part of the night, I sat here in the dark in front of my computer working away on a client site that is completely finished now with the exception of the graphic design that my graphic design artist is completing. I finished early due to this lack of ability to sleep. Nicholas got up a few times to eat but for the majority of the night, I had completely uninterrupted work time. It was really great. By 5:30am, I was cooking bacon and biscuits for breakfast. I had already enjoyed a pot of coffee alone and at this point, I was feeling great.

It started to hit me after the kids were ready for school and I was driving Austin to school. As any tired driver would, I rolled the window down for a fresh, constant breeze of the crisp morning air directly administered to my face. It worked. In no time I was bright eyed and bushy tailed. Austin was at school on time and I returned promptly home. Upon my arrival, Mom and I researched fleas online. I learned too much about the nasty varmits and this included how to kill them. There is a very specific combination of chemicals needed to be used in a very specific order in which to kill the fleas in under one week. This means that Mom will continue being a roommate and yah know what - I like her being here.

At around lunch time, Mom and I left to get the chemicals and pay my house payment. I usually pay the bills on Friday, when the money is fresh and definitely available after the deposit. I planned to drive the cash payment right up onto the front door step of the people we have purchased the house from. They weren't home Friday, they also went on vacation. The correct thing to do - probably - would have been to deposit the cash, write a check and leave it in an envelope in their mailbox. Did I do this? Of course not. The payment is due on the tenth of every month and I did not want it to be late. My line of thinking was that since they were not home, they couldn't expect it today. I kept the cash so that there would be no hassles for them to receive payment.

Mom and I left home and went to the post office, where I handed her the bank envelope, with the cash payment in it, to exchange it for a Postal Money Order. Would you believe that the Post Office was closed because of Columbus Day? Geez these people will do anything for a day off. Mom got in the car and handed me the bank envelope, with the cash payment in it. I told her that I would have to deposit it so that I could write a check. We proceeded to her house, where she laid her mail down and picked up a frozen chicken for me to cook for dinner. I went in also to try to call the landlord again and they still were not home. Both of us brushed off well and got back in the car to proceed to my landlord's home. We were driving maybe 3 miles when Mom picked a flea off of my face. This was enough for me to pull over and shake off again. I stopped the car, in the middle of the road (remember it is the country) and we jumped out to shake off again. We got back in the car and drove another 3 miles when I again stopped to shake off. The flea population in Mom's house must be at least half in the world. This time we pulled off onto a gravel road and got out to shake off. Finally we arrived at my landlord's house and I took the bank envelope to the front door. After knocking with no response, I brought the bank envelope back to the car and got the check book out. There was no way I was leaving this cash money without a receipt. I wrote the check and put it in their mailbox and got back in the car.

Mom and I, in a time crunch, rushed to get Austin from school. We got there in enough time to wait 5 minutes. Austin got in the car and we went to the hardware store to get the chemicals needed to rid Mom's house of the fleas. My cigarettes were on sale, so Mom purchased a carton for me because I agreed to pay her as soon as we were in the car again - from the cash payment in the bank envelope. When we got back in the locked car, I reached into my pocketbook to get the bank envelope. I reached into it and pulled out a bank receipt. Sure that it was the wrong envelope - I seriously needed to clean out my personal baggage - I reached in again for the correct envelope with no success. The money was gone. Like GONE GONE. I remained calm, thinking that surely it was in the car or my overstuffed pocketbook. No luck.

Mom and I ended up cleaning out the car, my purse and everything in it to find that the bank envelope with the cash payment in it was gone. We back tracked, driving slowly in the event that it had blown out. It may have been the sleep deprivation or possibly the fact that I was not paying enough attention, but I can not remember if, when and where I put the envelope when Mom handed it back to me at the Post Office. I know that I pulled out a bank envelope at the landlord's house but it could have been the same extra one with only a deposit slip in it.

I am devastated. It is hard enough to save for one house payment a month but two? Since then, I've completely back tracked, checking the side of the roads, on every road that we were on, every place that we stopped, cleaned out the car, my purse and my desk (where I KNOW the money was at) with no luck. I haven't found the money. With work slow for me and Tim's money already accounted for, I am lost at how to fix this mistake with the exception of selling my services extremely cheap in order to make it up.

From reading this post, if you can offer any other places to look or refer someone to me that needs a website or graphic design for extremely cheap - please comment.

~Winner of the Most Stupid Award


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