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Sunday, October 31, 2004
House Cleaning...

As I posted earlier, today I planned on cleaning the house, completing laundry and doing the floors. I succeeded.

I lack only the comforters for each bed. I will take them to the laundry mat tomorrow to wash them more thoroughly in the huge washers that they have. I love those washers and wish that I had one here at home. I, once again, swept and mopped every floor in my house. I cleaned the kitchen 3 times today, after every meal, in an attempt to keep it clean. The floor in the kitchen currently looks like someone went through it with a pair of muddy boots on. I'm pissed. I spent all day cleaning and you can barely tell. Oh well, such is the life of a mother -- no matter how much you clean, it will always get dirty again and sooner than you prefer.

My car is still spotless though, inside and out, thanks to my dear mother. I dunno what got into her today but she cleaned the cars up while I cleaned and cooked.

Tomorrow I may or may not keep Joni's kids. I haven't introduced you to Joni but I will soon. I know that I have to get an inspection sticker for my car though. Nicholas has another dermatologist appointment tomorrow afternoon. Isaac is out of school. Another busy day. Tomorrow's activities just may trash my car.



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