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the life of a mother with youth

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I finally had a decent day. It seems like forever since I was able to sit at home, avoiding the rest of the world and their daily grinds - dreading Fridays when I would have to leave. *sigh* Hopefully soon!

This morning started out normal. I was up at 5:30am, hammering away in the darkness on my keyboard peaking Krug's site. A few last minute changes have definitely set off the site. I was able to work for a full uninterrupted hour, enjoying coffee and smokes as I pleased. Nicholas woke, ate for 5 minutes and went back to sleep, giving me an additional 55 minutes of uninterrupted working time. I only lack a few things that I will finish after I post. I am determined not to skip posting anymore. It just makes me feel so much better. After Isaac was off to school, I called Mom to come over. She had a few files that she needed transferred from paper to digital and finally to an e-mail. This took me all of 30 minutes but I left my keys at her house and Austin had a doctor's appointment that he was already late for so my house cleaning time was regained. I got home moments before Tim arrived, which was seconds from when I needed to leave to decorate Isaac's school for the Halloween Party tomorrow.

All of the parents that volunteered came today with the exception of one and she called telling me that she would definitely attend the party and bring the items that she said she would. We could have used her help this afternoon but I'm glad that she called and will attend tomorrow. The school looks great! Everything is in order for tomorrow. I only have to grab a bag that I've already stuffed with things for Nicholas, 2 rolls of toilet paper and my food coloring gels to tint the whipped cream for the cake. The rolls of toilet paper are for a Mummy Contest. The kids will be divided into two groups, one child in each group will act as the mummy and the kids in their group will wrap him as fast as possible. First team finished wins. I'm thinking the kids will like it.

I did NOTHING for my house today. For those of you that think I am a compulsive cleaner *sticks tongue out* this is proof that you are wrong. *laughs like a naughty witch*

~~it's getting better


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