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the life of a mother with youth

Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Domestic Affairs...

Whew, where do I start? Let's see...

After my last post, I lost internet service for a couple of days due to one of my neighbors doing a shotty job on splicing my dsl cable so that he/she could enjoy my dsl connection for free. Immediately upon losing service, I was on the phone with my provider explaining the problem and it didn't take long to find the problem. I get to go to court over this one. I wasn't told which neighbor it was but I have since posted "NO TRESPASSING" signs throughout my property. This gives me the legal right to go redneck on anyone that steps on my land.

My mom and brother moved in for a week. Tim's Aunt passed away. Tim was home for the same week that my family was here.

Then Isaac went to the denitist again, this time to get his teeth sealed. He has one cavity trying to start on his very last molar on the right side but it technically isn't a cavity yet. Next appointment is to get it filled to prevent it from becoming a cavity.

Nicholas has went to the dermatologist concerning his 2 month long mystery rash. It was determined that he is allergic to pussy. This means that I have to get rid of Bing. Nicholas is only allergic to short hair dander, go figure. His rash won't go away until I rid the house of Bing AND sanitize EVERY surface in my house.

I did some research on the animal control procedures and local cat adoption places and found it best to try and find Bing a home. I was unsuccessful. If I take him to Animal Control, since he doesn't have rabies shot, he will be put to sleep immediately. If I get his rabies shot, he has to stay here for 3 weeks and then Animal Control will give him a week to impress a family enough to take him home or they put him to sleep. Adoption Agencies are overloaded and are turning animals away.

I broke down after another sleepless night with Nicholas scratching himself from itching. I took Bing to Animal Control. My hesistation in the parking lot paid off. I watched a family go in and figured they were there for a dog. I went in with Bing and they fell in love with him. He is scheduled for a rabies shot, the family paid nothing since Bing wasn't admitted into the center and my cat wasn't killed. I'm happy.

I've sanitized EVERY surface in my house: floors, walls, ceilings, fans, furniture, books, objects on the furniture. Take a look at the room you are sitting in. Imagine sanitizing every surface for just a minute. I got to do this to my 10 room house. I haven't made it to the basement yet. Tim has requested that I wait until he gets home.

Now I am working on a customer site. It looks really groovy and can't wait to give a free advertising for the customer. It should be done by tomorrow.

I still haven't found my house payment that I lost. I know for sure that it isn't in the house though.

A not so pleasant childhood memory has resurfaced and I'm in no mood to deal with it or the people bringing it up.

~~It's getting better!


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