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Saturday, October 09, 2004
Awe my kids...

Today was like no other in the house. Since I have Nicholas's rash almost gone, thanks to a very persistent mother and a devoted Pediatrician, he is almost a completely different child. Instead of having to be constantly in my arms, he has found independence and this allowed for a sorefree arm day. Wait though, this isn't all that I found behind door number one to my home.

Although potty training went smooth and fast after the purchase of the PODS, however we have had a problem with going number two. Since he didn't get burned with number two on his PODS, he just won't take the time to sit on the toilet. It has been a daily battle in the land of poo and, quite frankly, I'm tired of it. While I cleaned the kitchen today, I noticed that Isaac had gotten very quite. Due to the fact that my Eric Clapton CD was jamming in the living room, I thought he may be in there dancing. Upon checking he was not there. With the basement door locked, doors leading outside locked and no other way for him to get out, I decided to let him have his independence. This quietness from Isaac did not last long. He yelled for me and I didn't rush to him because it didn't sound like a HELP so he came to me. With his tiny whitey tighties around his ankles he rushed carefully into the kitchen and yelled, "Mommy, come look, I made you a turd." I almost died laughing but, with great interest, took his hand so that he could lead me to this said turd. Once in the bathroom, Isaac showed me a fairly large turd in the toilet under a massive amount of toilet paper. I jumped up and down, gave him a huge kiss, cheered for him and proceeded cleaning the mess. Poor thing - he tried so hard and succeeded but I had a huge mess in the bathroom now. There was poo all over my loo seat - this did not go over well with me as I started cleaning immediately. One small step for potty training and a giant leap in the sanitation department of Household S.

After bath time, story time and bed time - the kids are all snug in their beds and I retired early having tomorrow's dinner in the crock pot, coffee pot on automatic timer to brew my joe in the early morning and be ready when I rise, and an absolutely fabulous looking house. I may not have to clean tomorrow! Well, with the only exception being the floor. Ya'll know I can't stand anything sticking to my feet. Tim's arrival tomorrow is greatly anticipated and I can't wait to wrap my arms around his neck and choke him for getting me a CB Radio for HIS big truck for our wedding anniversary. What did I get him? A 30 inch gold (diamond braided) necklace featuring 3 small but manly and meaningful charms - 2 gold bands (for Isaac and Nicholas) and Audrey's actual birthstone ring. He's on my shit list. No ass for him!


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