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the life of a mother with youth

Monday, October 04, 2004
all is well..

Well, mostly, all is well.

The day after Nicholas's accident, I went to the local hardware store and bought a $65.00 door assembly that automatically locks when closed and requires a key to open. I'm sure this will prevent this accident again and I can't believe it didn't break our bank account. It is a special order and will take up to 2 weeks to get here. Until then, the basement is off limits and everyone knows it.

Nicholas is great. His little bruises and bumps are just about gone. At first, I refused to allow him in his walker again. Instead, I put him on a pallet on the floor and listened to him fuss about not having mobility. Then he figured out how to wiggle where ever he wanted to, which happened to be to his walker. He tried pulling his self up onto the walker but it almost overturned and had it not been for my over-protective eye, it would have caused another accident. I tried moving it into another room - this didn't work either - as big brother wanted to help little brother by bringing it to him. Finally, I caved and allowed Nicholas back in his walker, he was glad to be back in it and spent the majority of the afternoon exploring his house. This has sent up red flags on everything for me. I've become a safety specialist and are in the motions to purify everything in the house for the general safety of the kids while they are within the walls or on the premises.

Isaac went to his very first dentist appointment today. I can not explain this child's strength when it comes to something that he is sure he isn't going to do. He was fine in the lobby and happy to see other children. I've never seen a dentist's office quite set up the way this place was but it was a group setting with 6 teeth cleaning areas - all exposed to one another. Isaac carefully watched a 4 year old scream, scratch and kick the entire time the dentist worked on him. Even though there were 5 other happy patients, Isaac was convinced that the doctor or anyone that looked like one was going to touch him. It took 3 people to put Isaac in a papoose to bring him under control. The rest of the visit sounded something like this...

Isaac - "I want my Gran*gurgling noise*"
Dentist Assistant cleaning his teeth - "Spit Isaac" as she used the suction thing on him.

Isaac - "I want my Gran*gurgling noise*"
Dentist Assistant cleaning his teeth - "Spit Isaac"

Isaac - "I want my Gran*gurgling noise*"
Dentist Assistant cleaning his teeth - "Spit Isaac"

Isaac - "I want my Gran*gurgling noise*"
Dentist Assistant cleaning his teeth - "Spit Isaac"

She got him every time he went to say Grandma. He opened his mouth wide with the pronunciation of "grand" and she seized the opportunity. I fetched Grandma. After a short inspection and even though Isaac can not stand to eat without brushing his teeth afterward, it was discovered that Isaac has 4 cavities starting on his bottom, lower molars. Yeah *said sarcastically* that means more dental appointments.

In between appointments, Tim and I spent the day, in a joint effort but in two different cities, to find parts for our Kia, that overheated last week thus not driven in over a week now. We finally found the part and it will arrive tomorrow - just in time for Tim to fix our car so that he can go to work. I can't wait to get my wheels back and suddenly I realize how Nicholas feels.

~Me, I'm exhausted but not complaining.


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