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the life of a mother with youth

Thursday, October 07, 2004

I feel as though I have been living the life of someone else the last two weeks. I am normally a home body, one who stays as close to home as possible - scheduling everything on the same day so that everything can be over with on one day outing. I like home. At home, I know where everything is, I don't have people bumping into me, the phone barely rings, no one ever comes to the door, I can walk around in my underwear in peace, I can sleep just about any time that I want to, if I am hungry I don't have to wait in line behind dumbasses that can't decide what they want to eat and I am absolutely in control at all time.

Instead of my daily grind of cleaning and playing with Nicholas, I've been in town for at least two hours everyday or someone has been to the house, preventing me from being my normal hermit but happy self. Between doctor appointments, my car needing the attention of a mechanic, Isaac's school and surprise visits from miscellaneous family members, I have not been able to rest. I haven't had a nap in two weeks. Enough is enough and tomorrow I rest! After sending Isaac off to school for a merry day of learning, I will crawl back in bed with Nicholas and we will stay there only pausing for food and potty breaks. The phone is coming off of the hook, the doors will remain locked and I will stay in my pj's all day. I almost can not wait.

Saturday will be filled with domestic affairs, being that I am the president (no wait, I am the only domestic affair agent) I will clean the house, make the kids happy, answer the phone and door. Damn I just remembered that I will have to dress tomorrow. Geez! I will have to go get Tim's check, deposit it and send the house payment off. Grr. *rolls eyes*

~~damn it!


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