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Sunday, October 31, 2004
House Cleaning...

As I posted earlier, today I planned on cleaning the house, completing laundry and doing the floors. I succeeded.

I lack only the comforters for each bed. I will take them to the laundry mat tomorrow to wash them more thoroughly in the huge washers that they have. I love those washers and wish that I had one here at home. I, once again, swept and mopped every floor in my house. I cleaned the kitchen 3 times today, after every meal, in an attempt to keep it clean. The floor in the kitchen currently looks like someone went through it with a pair of muddy boots on. I'm pissed. I spent all day cleaning and you can barely tell. Oh well, such is the life of a mother -- no matter how much you clean, it will always get dirty again and sooner than you prefer.

My car is still spotless though, inside and out, thanks to my dear mother. I dunno what got into her today but she cleaned the cars up while I cleaned and cooked.

Tomorrow I may or may not keep Joni's kids. I haven't introduced you to Joni but I will soon. I know that I have to get an inspection sticker for my car though. Nicholas has another dermatologist appointment tomorrow afternoon. Isaac is out of school. Another busy day. Tomorrow's activities just may trash my car.


It's Party Time...

Despite Nicholas not sleeping ANY the night before the party, Tim and I went to the school, as planned, to host the Halloween Day.

The kids LOVED the activities, music and food. They had a wonderful time. Everything went just about as planned with the exception being Isaac's main teacher showing her ass because she wasn't in control of anything. *rolls eyes but I'll explain her later.)

Friday we went to Tim's cousin's house to get some appliances for the apartment. Stove, stackable washer/dryer, dishwasher, a single washer and a weed eater. His cousin has connection with Sears and gets first choice of the repoed items. Tim went to work at 9:00PM. *thanks God*

Saturday, we spent the majority of the day with Joni and the remaining with my mother. Austin spent the night and I'm terribly tired BUT I am going to clean my house and finish laundry today if it kills me.

~*~ UPDATE ~*~
Nicholas has FINALLY cut his first tooth. It is so pretty and pearly white. It is the right bottom front tooth. Awe! I do wonder what the effects will be on my breasts though.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I finally had a decent day. It seems like forever since I was able to sit at home, avoiding the rest of the world and their daily grinds - dreading Fridays when I would have to leave. *sigh* Hopefully soon!

This morning started out normal. I was up at 5:30am, hammering away in the darkness on my keyboard peaking Krug's site. A few last minute changes have definitely set off the site. I was able to work for a full uninterrupted hour, enjoying coffee and smokes as I pleased. Nicholas woke, ate for 5 minutes and went back to sleep, giving me an additional 55 minutes of uninterrupted working time. I only lack a few things that I will finish after I post. I am determined not to skip posting anymore. It just makes me feel so much better. After Isaac was off to school, I called Mom to come over. She had a few files that she needed transferred from paper to digital and finally to an e-mail. This took me all of 30 minutes but I left my keys at her house and Austin had a doctor's appointment that he was already late for so my house cleaning time was regained. I got home moments before Tim arrived, which was seconds from when I needed to leave to decorate Isaac's school for the Halloween Party tomorrow.

All of the parents that volunteered came today with the exception of one and she called telling me that she would definitely attend the party and bring the items that she said she would. We could have used her help this afternoon but I'm glad that she called and will attend tomorrow. The school looks great! Everything is in order for tomorrow. I only have to grab a bag that I've already stuffed with things for Nicholas, 2 rolls of toilet paper and my food coloring gels to tint the whipped cream for the cake. The rolls of toilet paper are for a Mummy Contest. The kids will be divided into two groups, one child in each group will act as the mummy and the kids in their group will wrap him as fast as possible. First team finished wins. I'm thinking the kids will like it.

I did NOTHING for my house today. For those of you that think I am a compulsive cleaner *sticks tongue out* this is proof that you are wrong. *laughs like a naughty witch*

~~it's getting better

Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Oh happy days...

You guys missed my happy days so this is gonna be a bitchfest.

I got rid of my cats - both of them. After giving Bing away, Murphy decided that he need not use the litter box in the house. Instead he would use whatever was closest when he had to go. This did not go over well with me. In addition to that, Nicholas's rash didn't get any better so I was convinced that he was allergic to all cats. I finally broke down today and took Murphy to the animal shelter. I am not happy about this either.

I woke up this morning with the skin on on my legs from my knees down to my feet red and swollen from bites. I didn't realize it until after taking Murphy to the shelter. Funny - it looks just like Nicholas's rash. I think its flea bites. Little hitchhikers from my Mom's. *sigh*

I fogged my house today for fleas. Oh Joy. This means I got to clean every surface again. I'm getting good at this and a dear friend, you know who you are, says that I'm a compulsive cleaner. I am not *looks all innocent*.

Tomorrow I get to:
  • Deal with Tim. He gets home in the morning.
  • Go pumpkin hunting. I still haven't gotten pumpkins.
  • Carve pumpkins and clean pumpkin seeds.
  • Finish cleaning.
  • Do, oh I dunno, about 10 loads of laundry.
  • Completely clean my car, like my house.
  • Go to Isaac's school and decorate for Halloween Day that I refused to let them skip just because the school board has a thing against cake, icecream, anything with sugar, candy, choking hazards, predrawn art for the kids to color, oh and did I mention that it has to be an educational party. You're wondering what kind of party this will be right? Good because you're about to find out.

    The Halloween Day
    This month's lesson plan includes:
  • The color orange (yay, my FAVORITE)
  • The shape triangle (I'm more of a round)
  • Letters D, E and F
  • Sense : Touch (learning hot and cold)

    So this party, good thing it is Halloween, is required to feature the above lesson plan. This is how I've worked it out.

  • Pumpkins - uncarved.
  • Glow in the dark skeletons.
  • Scarey, not too scare, music in background.
  • Orange & black streamers.
  • Witch Pot
  • Groovy wall hangings.

  • Apple Juice (in witch pot)
  • Salsa and BAKED tortilla chips
  • Angel Food Cake with Whipped Cream Topping (that will be tinted orange)
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Pumpkin Seeds

    Educational Activities:
  • Hand Ghosts : Black construction paper and white paint. Kids will dip hands in paint and splat them on the paper. We'll hang them upside down (fingers down) and that will be our ghosts.
  • Pumpkin Carving. I'll be doing this for them with the kids helping clean out the pumpkin goo. We'll bake the seeds for the food part.
  • Pumpkin Decorating. I plan on purchasing 18 pie pumpkins, one for each of them to decorated with paper, pens, crayons, whatever they want. We'll use TRIANGLES for the eyes and noses.
  • Story time. Mom is gonna dress like a witch (ha!) and read the kids a story about witches and Halloween.
  • Party bags featuring assorted none chokeable Halloween toys including 1 glow stick per child and their very own plastic Halloween cup.
  • Halloween night safety.

    Hopefully this will keep the kids busy all day, having fun and actually learning something.

    I've been so busy that I haven't had the time or energy to blog. All of this will be changing. I am going to slow down a bit. We're just about done with the site, only working out minor stuff now but here's the link - go order something!
    Krug's Lotions 'n More

  • Tuesday, October 19, 2004
    Domestic Affairs...

    Whew, where do I start? Let's see...

    After my last post, I lost internet service for a couple of days due to one of my neighbors doing a shotty job on splicing my dsl cable so that he/she could enjoy my dsl connection for free. Immediately upon losing service, I was on the phone with my provider explaining the problem and it didn't take long to find the problem. I get to go to court over this one. I wasn't told which neighbor it was but I have since posted "NO TRESPASSING" signs throughout my property. This gives me the legal right to go redneck on anyone that steps on my land.

    My mom and brother moved in for a week. Tim's Aunt passed away. Tim was home for the same week that my family was here.

    Then Isaac went to the denitist again, this time to get his teeth sealed. He has one cavity trying to start on his very last molar on the right side but it technically isn't a cavity yet. Next appointment is to get it filled to prevent it from becoming a cavity.

    Nicholas has went to the dermatologist concerning his 2 month long mystery rash. It was determined that he is allergic to pussy. This means that I have to get rid of Bing. Nicholas is only allergic to short hair dander, go figure. His rash won't go away until I rid the house of Bing AND sanitize EVERY surface in my house.

    I did some research on the animal control procedures and local cat adoption places and found it best to try and find Bing a home. I was unsuccessful. If I take him to Animal Control, since he doesn't have rabies shot, he will be put to sleep immediately. If I get his rabies shot, he has to stay here for 3 weeks and then Animal Control will give him a week to impress a family enough to take him home or they put him to sleep. Adoption Agencies are overloaded and are turning animals away.

    I broke down after another sleepless night with Nicholas scratching himself from itching. I took Bing to Animal Control. My hesistation in the parking lot paid off. I watched a family go in and figured they were there for a dog. I went in with Bing and they fell in love with him. He is scheduled for a rabies shot, the family paid nothing since Bing wasn't admitted into the center and my cat wasn't killed. I'm happy.

    I've sanitized EVERY surface in my house: floors, walls, ceilings, fans, furniture, books, objects on the furniture. Take a look at the room you are sitting in. Imagine sanitizing every surface for just a minute. I got to do this to my 10 room house. I haven't made it to the basement yet. Tim has requested that I wait until he gets home.

    Now I am working on a customer site. It looks really groovy and can't wait to give a free advertising for the customer. It should be done by tomorrow.

    I still haven't found my house payment that I lost. I know for sure that it isn't in the house though.

    A not so pleasant childhood memory has resurfaced and I'm in no mood to deal with it or the people bringing it up.

    ~~It's getting better!

    Monday, October 11, 2004
    The Stupid Award goes to...

    Me. Yes, this is correct. I did the stupidest thing yesterday and will cost us, literally, an arm and a leg to fix. I officially qualify for the Most Stupid Award because...

    First of all, not an excuse of course, I did not sleep at all last night. Mom got back from vacation to find that her house was infested with fleas. Gross right? Of course but she knew that she would have this problem and that is what initiated the vacation. Friday she went to the vet and bought a 200% guaranteed flea fogger to rid her house of fleas. Since you had to be gone for a while when you set the fogger off, she decided to seize the day and go on a relaxing trip to the beach. When she returned, the fleas were 500 times worse and thus she and Austin came to spend the night. Nicholas and I had taken a late nap and I was completely unable to sleep at all last night.

    For the most part of the night, I sat here in the dark in front of my computer working away on a client site that is completely finished now with the exception of the graphic design that my graphic design artist is completing. I finished early due to this lack of ability to sleep. Nicholas got up a few times to eat but for the majority of the night, I had completely uninterrupted work time. It was really great. By 5:30am, I was cooking bacon and biscuits for breakfast. I had already enjoyed a pot of coffee alone and at this point, I was feeling great.

    It started to hit me after the kids were ready for school and I was driving Austin to school. As any tired driver would, I rolled the window down for a fresh, constant breeze of the crisp morning air directly administered to my face. It worked. In no time I was bright eyed and bushy tailed. Austin was at school on time and I returned promptly home. Upon my arrival, Mom and I researched fleas online. I learned too much about the nasty varmits and this included how to kill them. There is a very specific combination of chemicals needed to be used in a very specific order in which to kill the fleas in under one week. This means that Mom will continue being a roommate and yah know what - I like her being here.

    At around lunch time, Mom and I left to get the chemicals and pay my house payment. I usually pay the bills on Friday, when the money is fresh and definitely available after the deposit. I planned to drive the cash payment right up onto the front door step of the people we have purchased the house from. They weren't home Friday, they also went on vacation. The correct thing to do - probably - would have been to deposit the cash, write a check and leave it in an envelope in their mailbox. Did I do this? Of course not. The payment is due on the tenth of every month and I did not want it to be late. My line of thinking was that since they were not home, they couldn't expect it today. I kept the cash so that there would be no hassles for them to receive payment.

    Mom and I left home and went to the post office, where I handed her the bank envelope, with the cash payment in it, to exchange it for a Postal Money Order. Would you believe that the Post Office was closed because of Columbus Day? Geez these people will do anything for a day off. Mom got in the car and handed me the bank envelope, with the cash payment in it. I told her that I would have to deposit it so that I could write a check. We proceeded to her house, where she laid her mail down and picked up a frozen chicken for me to cook for dinner. I went in also to try to call the landlord again and they still were not home. Both of us brushed off well and got back in the car to proceed to my landlord's home. We were driving maybe 3 miles when Mom picked a flea off of my face. This was enough for me to pull over and shake off again. I stopped the car, in the middle of the road (remember it is the country) and we jumped out to shake off again. We got back in the car and drove another 3 miles when I again stopped to shake off. The flea population in Mom's house must be at least half in the world. This time we pulled off onto a gravel road and got out to shake off. Finally we arrived at my landlord's house and I took the bank envelope to the front door. After knocking with no response, I brought the bank envelope back to the car and got the check book out. There was no way I was leaving this cash money without a receipt. I wrote the check and put it in their mailbox and got back in the car.

    Mom and I, in a time crunch, rushed to get Austin from school. We got there in enough time to wait 5 minutes. Austin got in the car and we went to the hardware store to get the chemicals needed to rid Mom's house of the fleas. My cigarettes were on sale, so Mom purchased a carton for me because I agreed to pay her as soon as we were in the car again - from the cash payment in the bank envelope. When we got back in the locked car, I reached into my pocketbook to get the bank envelope. I reached into it and pulled out a bank receipt. Sure that it was the wrong envelope - I seriously needed to clean out my personal baggage - I reached in again for the correct envelope with no success. The money was gone. Like GONE GONE. I remained calm, thinking that surely it was in the car or my overstuffed pocketbook. No luck.

    Mom and I ended up cleaning out the car, my purse and everything in it to find that the bank envelope with the cash payment in it was gone. We back tracked, driving slowly in the event that it had blown out. It may have been the sleep deprivation or possibly the fact that I was not paying enough attention, but I can not remember if, when and where I put the envelope when Mom handed it back to me at the Post Office. I know that I pulled out a bank envelope at the landlord's house but it could have been the same extra one with only a deposit slip in it.

    I am devastated. It is hard enough to save for one house payment a month but two? Since then, I've completely back tracked, checking the side of the roads, on every road that we were on, every place that we stopped, cleaned out the car, my purse and my desk (where I KNOW the money was at) with no luck. I haven't found the money. With work slow for me and Tim's money already accounted for, I am lost at how to fix this mistake with the exception of selling my services extremely cheap in order to make it up.

    From reading this post, if you can offer any other places to look or refer someone to me that needs a website or graphic design for extremely cheap - please comment.

    ~Winner of the Most Stupid Award

    Sunday, October 10, 2004
    Something Cute

    A Woman's Life

    Every minute, to and fro,
    That's the way my hours go,
    Bring me this, take me that,
    Feed the dog, put out the cat,
    Standing up I eat my toast,
    Drink my coffee, thaw the roast,
    Empty garbage, make the bed,
    Rush to church, wash my head,
    Sweep the kitchen, wax the floor,
    Scrub the woodwork, clean the door,
    Scour the bathtub. then myself,
    Vacuum carpets, straighten shelves,
    Eat a sandwich on the run,
    Now my afternoon's begun.

    To the soccer game I go,
    When will I find time to sew?
    Meet the teacher, stop a fight,
    See the dentist, change a light,
    Help with homework, do the wash,
    Iron the clothes, put on the squash,
    Shop for groceries, cash a check,
    Fight the crowds, now I'm a wreck!

    Dinner time it soon will be,
    "What's for dinner?" Wait and see!
    Dirty dishes fill the sink,
    Make some popcorn and a drink,
    Will they never go to bed,
    Will I never get ahead?
    Bring them water, get the light,
    Turn off the TV, lock up the bike,
    Where's my pillow, say your prayers,
    Did you lock the door downstairs?

    At last in bed, my spouse and I,
    Too tired to talk, too weak to cry,
    And in the dark I hear him say...


    ~~ It's not a me original

    Saturday, October 09, 2004
    Awe my kids...

    Today was like no other in the house. Since I have Nicholas's rash almost gone, thanks to a very persistent mother and a devoted Pediatrician, he is almost a completely different child. Instead of having to be constantly in my arms, he has found independence and this allowed for a sorefree arm day. Wait though, this isn't all that I found behind door number one to my home.

    Although potty training went smooth and fast after the purchase of the PODS, however we have had a problem with going number two. Since he didn't get burned with number two on his PODS, he just won't take the time to sit on the toilet. It has been a daily battle in the land of poo and, quite frankly, I'm tired of it. While I cleaned the kitchen today, I noticed that Isaac had gotten very quite. Due to the fact that my Eric Clapton CD was jamming in the living room, I thought he may be in there dancing. Upon checking he was not there. With the basement door locked, doors leading outside locked and no other way for him to get out, I decided to let him have his independence. This quietness from Isaac did not last long. He yelled for me and I didn't rush to him because it didn't sound like a HELP so he came to me. With his tiny whitey tighties around his ankles he rushed carefully into the kitchen and yelled, "Mommy, come look, I made you a turd." I almost died laughing but, with great interest, took his hand so that he could lead me to this said turd. Once in the bathroom, Isaac showed me a fairly large turd in the toilet under a massive amount of toilet paper. I jumped up and down, gave him a huge kiss, cheered for him and proceeded cleaning the mess. Poor thing - he tried so hard and succeeded but I had a huge mess in the bathroom now. There was poo all over my loo seat - this did not go over well with me as I started cleaning immediately. One small step for potty training and a giant leap in the sanitation department of Household S.

    After bath time, story time and bed time - the kids are all snug in their beds and I retired early having tomorrow's dinner in the crock pot, coffee pot on automatic timer to brew my joe in the early morning and be ready when I rise, and an absolutely fabulous looking house. I may not have to clean tomorrow! Well, with the only exception being the floor. Ya'll know I can't stand anything sticking to my feet. Tim's arrival tomorrow is greatly anticipated and I can't wait to wrap my arms around his neck and choke him for getting me a CB Radio for HIS big truck for our wedding anniversary. What did I get him? A 30 inch gold (diamond braided) necklace featuring 3 small but manly and meaningful charms - 2 gold bands (for Isaac and Nicholas) and Audrey's actual birthstone ring. He's on my shit list. No ass for him!

    Friday, October 08, 2004
    Look At My List

    As you may, or may not know, I have to have a list for everything that requires my attention. Not just a list, a detailed list, more like a very elaborate note taker. I can not just write down the things that I need to do on a piece of paper. I have to put them in order, as I need to do them, different sheets for different tasks. This order also involves a very detailed report as to how I need to accomplish this item on my list. If I were normal, I'd take a picture of my list today and you could see it first hand but my handwriting is such that you, dear reader, would never be able to read the things on the list. The following is an attempt to exactly mimic my handwritten list into a digital replica of the same list.

    To Do


  • Bathroom:



        inner seat


        top & sides

        disinfect handles


        soap holder


        walls & floor

        rearrange bottles


        disinfect handles>

        rearrange inside

        doors & cabinet



        disinfect handles


  • Isaac's Room
      remove bed linen & replace

      under beds

      rearrange dresser drawers


      pack & remove Justin's clothes


      vacuum rug

      remove rug, sweep & mop floor

      disinfect light switches, toys, dresser drawer handles & tv remote buttons

  • Nicholas's Room
      remove bed linen & replace

      under beds

      rearrange dresser drawers


      pack clothes that are too small


      vacuum rug

      remove rug, sweep & mop floor

      disinfect light switches, toys & dresser drawer handles

  • Our Room
      remove bed linen & replace

      under bed

      reorganize dresser drawers


      unpack coats & hang in living room closet

      remove, disinfect and put toys in proper place

      vacuum rug

      remove rug, sweep & mop floor

      disinfect light switches, dresser drawer handles, telephone, answering machine & tv remote control buttons

      spray something in Tim's shoes *gross*

  • Living Room




        glass shelves


        disinfect light switches, toys & tv remote control buttons

          remove cushions & vacuum

          remove & replace cover



          Water Flowers

      While Out:
    • For Tim
        pick-up & deposit check

        check Post Office Box

  • For Kids
      pick up Nicholas's prescription

  • Pay Bills
      mail house payment

      pay for oil delivery

  • Get Online & Pay



      Tim's life insurance

      The kid's life insurance

      accept & submit email about online subscription of newspaper

  • That was my list for up to 2:30pm, it was a slow day. As you can see by the strikes, I finished my list thus far. I lack a couple of more things, mainly cleaning, but Nicholas is in a cuddling mood and well, this was supposed to be my rest day! Later, I will end my day with baths for everyone, now that is a list, stories, bedtime and finally I can get some real work done on a client site.


    Thursday, October 07, 2004

    I feel as though I have been living the life of someone else the last two weeks. I am normally a home body, one who stays as close to home as possible - scheduling everything on the same day so that everything can be over with on one day outing. I like home. At home, I know where everything is, I don't have people bumping into me, the phone barely rings, no one ever comes to the door, I can walk around in my underwear in peace, I can sleep just about any time that I want to, if I am hungry I don't have to wait in line behind dumbasses that can't decide what they want to eat and I am absolutely in control at all time.

    Instead of my daily grind of cleaning and playing with Nicholas, I've been in town for at least two hours everyday or someone has been to the house, preventing me from being my normal hermit but happy self. Between doctor appointments, my car needing the attention of a mechanic, Isaac's school and surprise visits from miscellaneous family members, I have not been able to rest. I haven't had a nap in two weeks. Enough is enough and tomorrow I rest! After sending Isaac off to school for a merry day of learning, I will crawl back in bed with Nicholas and we will stay there only pausing for food and potty breaks. The phone is coming off of the hook, the doors will remain locked and I will stay in my pj's all day. I almost can not wait.

    Saturday will be filled with domestic affairs, being that I am the president (no wait, I am the only domestic affair agent) I will clean the house, make the kids happy, answer the phone and door. Damn I just remembered that I will have to dress tomorrow. Geez! I will have to go get Tim's check, deposit it and send the house payment off. Grr. *rolls eyes*

    ~~damn it!

    Monday, October 04, 2004
    all is well..

    Well, mostly, all is well.

    The day after Nicholas's accident, I went to the local hardware store and bought a $65.00 door assembly that automatically locks when closed and requires a key to open. I'm sure this will prevent this accident again and I can't believe it didn't break our bank account. It is a special order and will take up to 2 weeks to get here. Until then, the basement is off limits and everyone knows it.

    Nicholas is great. His little bruises and bumps are just about gone. At first, I refused to allow him in his walker again. Instead, I put him on a pallet on the floor and listened to him fuss about not having mobility. Then he figured out how to wiggle where ever he wanted to, which happened to be to his walker. He tried pulling his self up onto the walker but it almost overturned and had it not been for my over-protective eye, it would have caused another accident. I tried moving it into another room - this didn't work either - as big brother wanted to help little brother by bringing it to him. Finally, I caved and allowed Nicholas back in his walker, he was glad to be back in it and spent the majority of the afternoon exploring his house. This has sent up red flags on everything for me. I've become a safety specialist and are in the motions to purify everything in the house for the general safety of the kids while they are within the walls or on the premises.

    Isaac went to his very first dentist appointment today. I can not explain this child's strength when it comes to something that he is sure he isn't going to do. He was fine in the lobby and happy to see other children. I've never seen a dentist's office quite set up the way this place was but it was a group setting with 6 teeth cleaning areas - all exposed to one another. Isaac carefully watched a 4 year old scream, scratch and kick the entire time the dentist worked on him. Even though there were 5 other happy patients, Isaac was convinced that the doctor or anyone that looked like one was going to touch him. It took 3 people to put Isaac in a papoose to bring him under control. The rest of the visit sounded something like this...

    Isaac - "I want my Gran*gurgling noise*"
    Dentist Assistant cleaning his teeth - "Spit Isaac" as she used the suction thing on him.

    Isaac - "I want my Gran*gurgling noise*"
    Dentist Assistant cleaning his teeth - "Spit Isaac"

    Isaac - "I want my Gran*gurgling noise*"
    Dentist Assistant cleaning his teeth - "Spit Isaac"

    Isaac - "I want my Gran*gurgling noise*"
    Dentist Assistant cleaning his teeth - "Spit Isaac"

    She got him every time he went to say Grandma. He opened his mouth wide with the pronunciation of "grand" and she seized the opportunity. I fetched Grandma. After a short inspection and even though Isaac can not stand to eat without brushing his teeth afterward, it was discovered that Isaac has 4 cavities starting on his bottom, lower molars. Yeah *said sarcastically* that means more dental appointments.

    In between appointments, Tim and I spent the day, in a joint effort but in two different cities, to find parts for our Kia, that overheated last week thus not driven in over a week now. We finally found the part and it will arrive tomorrow - just in time for Tim to fix our car so that he can go to work. I can't wait to get my wheels back and suddenly I realize how Nicholas feels.

    ~Me, I'm exhausted but not complaining.

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