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Saturday, September 04, 2004
super Saturday...

When I was growing up, Saturday was always the cleaning day. We all had our chores to do daily but Saturday was the wall washing, spic and span, everything has to be completely spotless day. I have fond memories of piling up in my parents bed with my dad, who didn't work on Saturday, watching tv while my mom worked. Thirty minutes before she was scheduled to get off of work, we would all jump up and have the majority of the house clean. My dad would even pitch in. By the time that Mom got home, we were all sweaty and there was an obvious amount of work completed, always enough to satisfy her. She would change and pitch in and within the hour, we were done and enjoying the company of each other until that night, when we would go skating and they would do old-people-married-stuff. I recall hating Saturday morning and the cleaning spree but now that I'm older, I appreciate those Saturdays so much that I've continued the tradition and put my Isaac to work. *laughs*

Every morning, Isaac is to make his bed, put his toys in his toy box and brush his teeth. It is a ritual that I've embedded in his head from day one and he does it without thinking it is a chore. Since he was old enough to walk and wanted to help, he has added emptying ashtrays to his choreless his self. Now that I have all of these floors to clean, Isaac picks up the rugs for me to sweep and clean the hardwood and when I'm finished, he puts them back. It is groovy that he wants to help me and he tries so hard.

Tim is scheduled in tonight after midnight, *ugh*, and Mom has requested my help in cutting her flower beds back for winter. In order to get all of my chores and help my mother done before bedtime for the boys, I had to really kick it into high gear today. I cleaned my house spotless and was over at Mom's by 5:00 PM. She cooked steaks and after filling my belly, I got busy in her beds. Justin and Mom helped. Together we managed to clean every bed that she has, someday I will take pictures of her yard to show you the massive flower beds.

So, I'm tired but can't wait to see the look on Tim's face when he sees his new riding mower.


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