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Sunday, September 12, 2004
super busy...

Pardon my lack of written expression over the last few days. I have been up to the same daily routine that you have come to know and love but with a couple of twists. As you can see, I've started working again. I wanted to start small and with someone that is very flexible and forgiving. Hima was that someone. We've been working together on her blog design and I think the end product is super groovy. I've also designed a title for Mynna, which was gonna be a surprise but I didn't want her to be sad that she didn't have a design yet. So my days look like this.

5:30 AM - Wake Up, Enjoy Coffee and a smoke.
5:45 AM - Workout
6:00 AM - Shower
6:45ish - Nicholas eats.
7:30 AM - Wake Isaac, get him read for school
8:15 AM - Isaac gets on bus
8:30 AM - Nicholas wakes up, after changing his diaper and eating, we play
10:00 AM - Nicholas eats and naps until noonish and I clean clean clean
12:00 Noon - Nicholas wakes, he eats then we play
2:30 PM - Isaac gets home from school, Nicholas eats
5:00 PM - Cook, Nicholas eats
6:00 PM - Supper
7:00 PM - Dishes, after Nicholas eats
7:30 PM - Bathes for the boys
8:00 PM - Storytime and bed, Nicholas eats
8:30 PM - Boys are asleep, (reading, cleaning, working) time for me
10:30 PM - I go to sleep
1:30 AM - Nicholas eats

My times to clean and work are when Isaac is at school and Nicholas sleeps or when they are both asleep. It gets interesting.



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