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the life of a mother with youth

Wednesday, September 22, 2004
screaming madly...

Today, Nicholas and I helped escort 18 children, including Isaac, to the county fair. This is Isaac's first experience with the fair as well as most of the kids in his class. At first they were all scared of the rides, then a few got to like them and finally no one wanted to get off and would scream madly when it was time to get off of the rides. I can not express the pain in my head after the multiple screams of 200+ children for 4 hours straight. The sun was glaring, I overdressed and since the concessions were not open yet, I remained hungry. The kids had snacks and bag lunches. Isaac tried to share his sandwich with me, what a sweet heart right? Ha!

Not all was lost, 3 hours into the fair, Isaac got the hang of the process involved in riding the rides. He finally figured out that he had to stand in line and only move when the line moved, the assistant would help him buckle in to be safe and when the ride stopped, he had to wait for the assistant to unbuckle him and then he was to exit the ride quietly. It seemed that just as we were starting to have fun, it was time to go.

Lunch was interesting too. Bees are mother nature. In the spring, they are a attracted to bushes and flowers to feast on the larva of other bugs. Toward fall, their tastes change and they hunt for anything sweet. The fair is the best place to find something sweet, there are funnel cakes, caramel apples, cotton candy and sugar rich fountain drinks. When people are finished eating, naturally they discard leftover items in the trash can and surely the trash cans would be located nearer to the eating place for easy disposal. As our pre-k children sat down to eat, the bees began bugging them. The picnic area was over ruled by the stinging pests. Two children were stung and, luckily for us, they were not allergic. I happened to be the parent that came prepared with stinger spray, tweezers and band-aids. I also had other first aid necessities but those were the only required. I carefully pulled the stinger out with the tweezers, gave the area a spray and put a band-aid over the slightly swelled parts of the children who were stung. All was well.

Tonight, all is quiet in my house. We are all exhausted in our own little way. Isaac was overly stimulated by the sounds and rides, I was exhausted from chasing children, Nicholas was tired of being in his walker or my arms. Isaac is currently laying on the couch, Nicholas is doing laps around the house in his walker and I have been ready for bed since 5:00 PM.

~~who is overprepared? Surely not this Momma!


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