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Tuesday, September 21, 2004
policy council meeting...

After getting Isaac off to school, I had no time to waste in cleaning before it was time to take Nicholas to the doctor. This appointment was to discuss his apnea monitor and the allergic reactions to the electrodes that are required to work the machine. The doctor and I discussed the pros and cons of continued use of the apnea monitor for Nicholas. The only reason Nicholas has an apnea monitor is to ease my mind that he may quit breathing while I sleep. This is a realistic fear for any parent but mine is reinforced by Audrey's death as she died in her sleep while I was sleeping. The apnea monitor is connected to Nicholas with a patient wire and two wires plugged into that, those are connected to Nicholas with electrodes. The electrodes are small circle or square sticky on one side patches and stick directly onto Nicholas abdomen. One electrode monitors heart rate and the other monitors respiration. If the heart rate gets too low or too high, the apnea monitor will alarm. If the respirations get too slow or too fast, the apnea monitor will alarm. Nicholas has been on an apnea monitor since he was born and he has reacted to the sticky on the electrodes from day one. These leave tiny blisters on his sides. I replace the electrodes daily, after his bath, and move them to different places on his abdomen in an effort to avoid the blisters. So far, it has been so that Nicholas gets about 4 of these blisters a week. The older he gets, the more he scratches at the blister and he has popped a few in the last couple of days. Obviously, I'm tired of him having to deal with the blisters and I honestly don't think that I need the apnea monitor anymore for comfort. Nicholas sleeps with me and hubby and I haven't used the monitor in a few days now. Doctor says that we will continue use, whenever I need it, for another month - just to make sure that I am ready for it.

Tonight was the first of many Policy Council Meetings. In a previous post, I told you about the Policy Council and what it is for but now I have a clearer picture to share with you. Each school appoints a Policy Council Member. The PC Member from each school meets once a month at a local restaurant, eats and then discusses everything from new employees to academic approaches. The members vote on a variety of things. I learned that there are numerous education opportunities for me as well as Isaac. It is really groovy that the board allows parents to be so involved in the total picture of children's education.

Tomorrow should be a very fun but exhausting day. Nicholas and I are going on a field trip with Isaac and his class to the county fair. Expect many pictures and wish my sanity luck.

~~oh the joys


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