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the life of a mother with youth

Tuesday, September 14, 2004
in the loo of things...

Tim got up with Isaac, dressed him, fed him and put him on the school bus. This allowed me to sleep for an additional hour and it was much needed sleep. The only set back that I've experienced with this whole donating blood thing is the fact that last night and today I've been excessively tired. Had it been an average day, I may not have been so exhausted though.

By 8:30 AM, we were out the door and on our way to town to pay a few bills. One of our friends, Erica, needed a ride down to Troutman to get her pick-up truck. An added bonus of helping her do this is getting a few things fixed on my car. I called her and by 9:00 AM, we began our 1 hour journey to Troutman. Once there, my car was put on a dyno machine. Basically, this machine plugs into the computer system of a car and can detect all problems with the car. We had been hearing a pecking noise in our little Kia Sportage and were concerned with it. It turned out that the spark plug wires were bad and needed replacing. In addition to new wires, we also had the air conditioning fixed and gear oil put in the transfer box. The transfer box holds the gears necessary for the 4-wheel drive to work properly. Without the gear oil in the transfer box, the 4-wheel drive would not engage and our gear oil level was really low. The gear oil should be replaced every 100,000 miles or when it is emptied by a professional. We had transmission work done to the car over a year ago and the bright assed mechanic that called himself a professional failed to replace or fill the transfer box with gear oil. Retard.

By 1:00 PM, We were zipping through the hour drive to get back in time to pick up Austin from school. We made it. Then we rushed home to get Isaac off of the bus. We made it with only seconds to spare. No sooner than Isaac got home, my Papa came over, then Mom came over to get Austin, and finally Erica brought her brother, James, over for me to help him with his math homework. James did not understand the teacher, his mother or his sister, who had all tried every way they knew possible to teach him these math skills. 30 minutes after we began, James completely understood his math assignment and was thrilled that he knew what to do and had fun learning. I can't wait until my kids are big enough to need help with their homework. James requested a personal copy of my phone number so that he could call me when he needed help again. It was granted.

My house was full of children playing, adults talking loudly over the noise of the kids playing and my cats were hiding in the corners due to the confusion of it all. You would think that I would be thoroughly please with all of my guests and the sounds in my house but I didn't have my strength back and therefore was not in a good mood at all. It is a good thing that these people know me well because they, one by one, left for their own reasons but soon enough that I didn't blow up. Once everyone was gone, with the exception of Tim, Justin, Isaac and Nicholas, I was able to sit down and relax but it was short lived.

At 8:00 PM, the kids and I took Tim to work and I met with the insurance sales woman. She was groovy.

~~exhausted to the max


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