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Friday, September 03, 2004
I love my hubby this much...

A little history first, of course darling. Tim and I have had the most rocky relationship of anyone that I know personally, have read about or saw on television. We have been through the ringers ladies and gentlemen. You wouldn't know that by visiting our house or hanging out with us at dinner, we are totally zoned in on eachother and very on key, now. My mother would be the only one to figure out if he did something that pissed me off of visa versa. So anyway, for the past year, we have been ironing out the last of the problems, ok its been just me but he doesn't have any problems, he is perfect and I am not being sarcastic at all. Through the course of the last year, Tim has had a total of 5 weeks off. Out of a week, he has worked 5 or 6 days and only spent 1 or 2 days home and then off again on another trip. He did stay home in April when we had Nicholas though, for 2 weeks. Everyone may assume that I get lonely but I can't with all that I do. Isaac and Nicholas keep me busy and Tim calls atleast 3 times a day. So basically, Tim has worked his ass off this year. He already qualifies for the big Christmas bonus and it is no where near Christmas. Most drivers will work too hard between Labor Day and Christmas to get in the quota of trips to qualify for the bonus in December.

Today, I went to pick up his check. Not only did he have his vacation pay but also had a safety bonus and all of this in addition to his regular pay. It was a very good check and I almost passed out. Anyway, I was debating between new towels and a couple more rugs when it dawned on me that my husband works extremely hard and I am the one who has racked up in the last 4 months, really the last year. So I'm recalling, during the drive to the bank, of the things that I've gotten in the last year and the things that he has gotten in the last year.

Me : car that is completely paid for and dependable, TV in bedroom, Dish Network to view on said TV, a huge brick house with paved driveway and hardwood floors, a super groovy rug for the living room in said house, a cellphone with picture capability and every other little thing that holds no comparison to the above items but are equally as important.

Him : ok so the car, TV, Dish Network, house and rug he benefits from but he works so hard that he can't enjoy them.

So I'm feeling really bad and decide not to spend his hard earned money on something that I want, but something that he wants instead. The shopping spree ended for me and I bought my husband something that he has wanted for a long time, something that he has never owned before and something that most men measure their worthiness by:
a riding lawn mower.

He is going to be pleased!


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