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the life of a mother with youth

Thursday, September 16, 2004
deep breaths...

Nicholas has been in one of those moods. For those of you who are not a parent yet, "those" moods are ones that belong to someone else's child. Never would your angel act out so unless it was one of "those" mood days. Today he spent the majority of the day crying in my arms. I wasn't ignoring him, refused to sit him down and worried as to why he wasn't eating. When he would eat, he'd take 2 huge gulps off of my breasts and pull away crying. You can imagine the state I was in, hair in a frazzle, head about to bust open with pain, seeing all sorts of things that needed to be done and not able to do. He didn't take a nap either. There seemed to be no resolve of this day and I planned to pull an all nighter.

It was at 7:00 PM when Nicholas finally went to sleep. This is after a 30 minute bath, a couple of books and a too tired to be stressed mom. Another pointer for you non-parents, is that a fussy child will usually calm in a bath, keeping temperature no less than 98 degrees F and no more than 101 degrees F, for at least 20 minutes. This will wear your little fussy one down fast. Be prepared to dress them quickly because they are going to go to sleep very soon after, especially if you use lavender soap. He was so sleepy that I didn't even get time to dress Isaac for bed and Justin ended up helping Isaac into his pj's. By 8:00 PM, both boys were in their beds and either just about to enter the realm of sleep or already blissfully there.

When Isaac and I went to the library, I checked out a book called,The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. I was about half way through it tonight when I read about "milk letdown". Apparently, be patient with me fellas, there is a period during breastfeeding with the floor gates are opened and the baby doesn't have to work as hard at the milk. There are many factors that prevent the letdown and stress and fatigue are the main two. After the letdown and towards the end of feeding on each breast a natural laxative, made by my body, released in the milk. This aids the baby on comfortable stools. It became clear to me why Nicholas was in one of "those" moods. I have been especially fatigued since I gave blood and super stressed out for over a week now with no end in sight. This means that my milk never letdown and that pissed Nicholas off, causing his frustration after taking a few gulps. If my milk didn't let down, the laxative isn't ingested and that would make his belly hurt on top of being not full. Oh sure, it makes sense now but damn I wish I knew earlier. My parenting lesson for the day will stick with me. This is not one that I will have to relearn in a few years, it is with me for life.

My recommendation to expectant, new, old and retired mothers is to read. If only for 15 minutes a day, you will become wiser.

~~not worried but still tired


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