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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
2 sides, no words and illness...

Isaac went off to school today, as usual. He had no complaints to share with me about his body or the way he felt. He was coughing a little more than I like so I looked at his throat, ask him if he felt good, gave him some allergy medicine and sent him to school due to his throat being normal and his answer being "yes Momma." I spoke with the assistant teacher when Isaac got on the bus and told her that he was coughing some and I had given him Zytec. I went on the explain that Zytec wears Isaac down and he will not want to move around much. At about 10:30am, Isaac's teacher calls me.

"Isaac has been coughing his little head off all morning and just isn't his self. I tried taking his temperature but we only have two ancient ones and both say 'rectal' on them. I'm sure that he has a fever." She explained and really sounded sincere.

"I told Ms. T this morning that I gave Isaac Zytec due to his cough. I gave him Zytec because I am sure that this is allergy related. I will bring you a digital themometer and we will check his temperature. If he is running a temperature, there is more than allergies going on. Ask him if his head hurts." I said.

"I don't know why his head would hurt but I'll ask him." Short pause. "He says that his head does not hurt. I really hate for you to get out in this weather just to check his temperature.." I stopped her.

"A child's well being is no bother to me, for my own child or some one else's. The reason I ask you if his head hurt is because if their head hurts, they have a fever and it came on suddenly - he could have meningitis. I've seen it before in my own brother and sickness is not something that I by pass. I'll be there in a few minutes." I hung up, dressed Nicholas warmly and we got in the car. Tim didn't know what was going on, so I explained on the way.

If we went to the drug store and I bought a 10 second digital themometer and a box of probe covers for it. Then we drove to the school. Tim and Nicholas sat in the car while I went in. I handed the digital themometer to Ms. T and told her that it belonged to the class. As she was thanking me, Ms. J said that they couldn't have a themometer like that because it had to have the covers too. I handed Ms. J the box of probe covers and smiled. I ask where the rubber gloves were located and got a quick response. I put the gloves on and proceeded to open the box, get the themometer, put a probe cover on it and check Isaac's temperature. As I placed it under his arm, Ms. J told me that there was something special to do if I took his temperature there but she couldn't remember what. I told her that if you take a temperature with an oral themometer in the armpit, you had to add 1 degree to the finished temperature. She ask how I knew and I explained that I was a nurse and Isaac did have a fever so I was taking him to the doctor. I swooped him, his baby, his blanket and his book bag up and carried them to the car. Tim buckled him in while I called the doctor's office.

At first, the doctor's office said that there wasn't any appointments until day after tomorrow. I reminded the receptionist who I am before I said, "I am coming to the office with both of my children. You can either give me an appointment to be seen or I will bypass you all together and go straight to their doctors." It wasn't long before she offered me a 12:00 noon appointment. That was thirty minutes away, we really had to shake a leg.

At the doctor's office, Isaac and Nicholas were said to have allergies and probably caused due to the hurricanes bringing so much foreign things in the air from Florida. To be on the safe side, he wanted to give them both an antibiotic in the event that mucus turned to green. This way I wouldn't have to come in again if I didn't want to. I called the school and let them know. We filled the prescriptions and went to my best friend's house to get Isaac's old car seat.

Misty and I have been best friends for 13 years now. She isn't the brightest crayon in the box and certainly doesn't offer me any as a friend, not even loyalty. There is a longer story about this but I will post on it later. Misty is the hardest person in the world to catch. She is a road rambler and always has been. She is never at home and that is hard for me to understand. Her kids also go to school, so I knew she would be home at 2:00PM because the kids get out at 2:30PM. We pulled up in her driveway and I went to the door. Her husband answered the door after 3 minutes of my knocking. He opened the door and said, "let me guess, you're here to get the car seat."

"Yep," I said annoyed.

"Misty, you were right, she is here for the car seat." He yelled through the house before explaining to me, "she knew that's what you were here for and since she doesn't have it, she was going to not answer the door."

"I see." I said, even more annoyed.

Misty eventually came outside, where I was waiting as patiently as possible. She gave me a sob story about where the car seat was and I wasn't hearing it.

"It's like this Misty. I want my car seat. Nicholas's legs have to be bent in his carry car seat and that makes him uncomfortable. So because of your neglect of something that I let you borrow, my child is suffering. I don't give a damned who has my car seat, I want it. Now. So give me the number of the stupid motherfucker who took my car seat from you so that I can call him and get it back."

She sighed deeply and gave me the number. In the background, her husband was telling her not to let me handle it. I dialed the number on my cellphone as she gave it to me. She ask for the phone to talk with them first. She turned her back and talked for a few minutes and ask if I could get the car seat back. I'm not sure what deal she made but it didn't sound good for her. She handed me the phone back and said some more bullshit but that I would need to call the number back later and talk to Donna about the car seat. So be it. I called later and spoke with Donna. She was helpful and understanding and went on to explain that Misty had her green car seat and she would need it back if she were to give me mine back. I told her that I was getting my car seat back and she would just have to track Misty down to get hers back. She agreed and gave me directions to her house. I'll be going tomorrow afternoon.

Dinner was ready when we got home. I had started vegetable soup in the crock pot early this morning and all that was left to do was make grilled cheese sandwiches to go with it. Within 5 minutes of being home, everyone had a bowl of soup and a sandwich. It has turned colder here, faster than normal. The snow isn't far, I can tell. We are going to have a hard winter.

~~worried about my kids


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