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Thursday, September 02, 2004
10 *deep breath* 9 *deep breath*...

Ok, the breathing still doesn't work for me. Due to my still-pissed-off-state-of-mind, I decided to take a nap with Nicholas. Cuddling with my baby seems to always make my day better and it was working until I heard a glitch in the cable and then nothing. I reach over to the bedside table and grab my glasses, once in place and I could see, I looked at the tv screen to read that I needed to call Dish Network. Both of my feet hit the floor at the same time and I could feel my anger coming back with a vengeance like the firery pits of hell. Before calling Dish Network, I checked to make sure that I had paid my bill last month and checked the current balance on our account. I paid my bill 8 days early last month and my balance was actually a credit of $2.38. All I could think about while waiting for a customer service representative to answer my call in the order it was received was, "why would they interrupt my service if I have paid my bills on time, every time and there is a credit to our account?" This is the exact question that I ask the non-English speaking woman that answered my call. I was told that my account had a brief interruption in service to prompt my calling them to verify my billing address due to them receiving my last bill back from the post office.

"You're kidding me right? Regardless of where my bill goes, I know exactly how much I owe and I do believe I have done a damned good job of keeping my account current without a mailed bill to look at. Because we are on auto-pay, we don't receive paper bills and now my service has been interrupted for this bullshit. This is what you are going to do, you are going to give me an additional credit on my account for the unnecessary lapse in viewability and if you can not do that, transfer me to your supervisor and let your supervisor know that I do not enjoy being on hold." I said and you would be so proud of the tone of voice that I used with this woman.
"Yes ma'am, transferring." She was really polite, this may be why I was so patient with her.
"Hello Mrs. S, my associate tells me that you have had an interruption of service due to our wanting to update your records with us. Please accept my deepest apology and a $30 credit to your account that will be effective today. Is there anything else I can help you with?" Funny, I was only on hold long enough to cough.
"Thank you and yes there is." Here I go, "Please make a large bulletin on my account that advises anyone that looks at my account on your computer system that reads, "Do not interrupt service unless payment is overdue." If my service is interrupted for anything but my being overdue, I will receive 6 months of Dish Network free. This not only cost me 3 hours of viewing time but it also upset me to the point that I am now pissed off at everything and this interrupted my nap time with my infant. My time is not cheap."
"Yes, ma'am, anything else?"
"No, not at all, have a nice day."

After this conversation, I flopped down in my office chair and stared at nothing while I sucked down a cigarette, all in an attempt to calm down a little. It was at that moment that I realized that there was a package sitting on my desk that UPS had delivered earlier and I had not opened it yet. On August 28, 2004, I ordered Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner from Heritage Hardwood Floors via internet. The process was simple, easy and stress-free. In addition to this unusually pleasant ordering experience, I expected to receive this package of ordered goods in 5 -7 business days and it came on the fourth. My order was correct, not damaged, complete and I didn't have to raise one second of hell to get it that way. Attached to the package was this letter:

Dear Mr. S,

Thanks for the order.

Your business is greatly appreciated. I realize that you have many choices of where to shop, and I am glad that you selected us and hope that you will visit us again soon.

I am always adding new hardwood flooring information and new products to my online store.

Please visit us again, your comments and suggestions are welcome. Remember, we're always just a click or call away.



In response to this letter, I wrote and sent the following e-mail:

Thank you Hal,

We received our product today via UPS. You can expect future business with
us as you are the first company that we have purchased from online and NOT
had some sort of problem with it. Thanks for the great service.

See, I'm not always bad. I give credit when credit is due. My husband says that I am too old fashioned for the fast pace of the world today. I still believe that no customer is more important than another and in order to survive in a business situation, you must treat every customer as if it were your only customer. This is probably why my customers are faithful to my little company.



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