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the life of a mother with youth

Wednesday, August 11, 2004
wonderful wenseday...

This morning I woke to a fresh pot of coffee and a husband ready to go to work. I was served coffee in bed and allotted 15 minutes to enjoy it. Tim got Isaac dressed for the day and I cuddled with Nicholas just a little bit longer. We packed Tim up and drove to the truck yard. Tim has a new co-driver because his co-driver for the last 8 months quit on Monday. We still haven't figured out why he quit and honestly I really don't care. It was stressful trying to talk to Tim on the phone because every time Tim called me and James knew about it, he would call his wife and they argued worse that any couple that I've ever encountered. I could never hear Tim. Thus far today, I have not had that problem and it has also lifted the load. Communication is important *laughs*.

After dropping Tim off, we came back home and while the boys napped, I cleaned the house. It looks good. I plan on washing and ironing curtains and bed linen tomorrow, wish me luck. The kids and I went to Grandma's tonight for a little off time. I promised Isaac that if he laid down for a nap, I would take him to the park. It rained cats and dogs while he was asleep so the park was out. Grandma's is as good and I explained the whole thing to him. If you learn nothing from my blog but this, remember it for life.
The key to raising happy children is consistency. If you tell them that you'll do something. Do it or in cases that you can't (like my park promise today) come up with something better and give them the option.

~~happy again.


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