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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Hey Howdy everyone. My apologies for appearing to be lazy in my blogging world and perhaps that is what it was. I've been super busy with family stuff since I posted last but I will catch you up here and you can see for yourself.

Isaac went to school in a single leap onto the bus[van]. While he was at school, I ran to town with Mom and we picked both of the kids [Isaac and Austin] and took them shopping and out to eat. We had a blast! Isaac was great at school and I hoped he wouldn't wake me up at the ass crack of dawn again. *laughing*

Isaac woke me up at the ass crack of dawn, completely dressed and needing coffee. I agreed and we again watched the sun come up. Shortly after Nicholas got up and Mom, my Dad and Austin were over for breakfast - tenderloin biscuits and gravy. We took the kids on a field trip to find a cowboy ranch that a man at the restaurant last night invited us to. We never found it and decided to go skating but the skating rink is for sale so that didn't work either. We ended up going to the park that I walk at semi-daily. The boys went swimming in the river. This required adult supervision and being that I was the youngest responsible parent, it was my duty to carefully go down the hill into the river with them. I was completely decked out, I even ironed my clothes, but I slipped on the rocks and got completely soaked. It was fun though. My Mom and Dad had a great time laughing at me and it was a glorious defeat until my Dad decided he wanted to play so he came down the hill and ended up busting his ass on the rocks and getting soaked as well. Mom was the only person who managed to stay dry. After getting out of the river, Isaac strips down naked and runs around that way until my dad took his shirt of *shivers* and tied it around Isaac. *laughing* Then we came back to my house and I made lunch. They ate, kids played and we talked - it was fun.

Isaac, again, woke me up at 5:30am for coffee. This seems to be the new trend in my household and I don't really mind. I like getting up early. By 8:00am, we were on our way to pick up Tim. He is missing his boys a lot lately. He got Nicholas and Isaac out of the car to sit in the truck while he did paperwork and light cleaning. I packed up his dirty clothes and sheets, whew I knew that I'd have to use double fabric softener to get the smell of diesel out of them this time. We went to the grocery store before returning home. Tim carried Nicholas around the store and I do believe it was the first time that I realized that I he has been on my arm for so long now that if I don't have him, I walk crooked. *laughing*

Isaac, once again, woke me up at 5:30am requesting coffee. It turned out to be a good thing though because one of our friends, Justin, is staying with us [Since Saturday] and he has to be to work at 7:00am. This enabled Tim to get a few cups of coffee in him before taking Justin to work. Tim got to send Isaac off to school for the first time his self and I do believe he was more emotional than I was. As soon as he came back into the house after sending Isaac to school, he got Nicholas and played with him most of the morning while I cleaned. We arrived at my first therapist appointment at 10:30am. We won't discuss the intelligence of that woman at this time. Around lunch time, we got Isaac a replacement remote for the TV in his room and pay our vehicle taxes so that I can get tags Friday. We zipped back to the house to be there in time enough to get Isaac off of the bus[van]. We jumped in the car again to go get Justin from work at 3:00pm. Tim, Justin, Nicholas, Isaac and I went straight to Mom's to do some yard work with her. Tim and Justin took turns weedeating while Mom and Isaac cut the grass. I sat with Nicholas on the yard furniture and Austin rode his bike behind the riding mower. We didn't arrive home until very close to 7:00pm. It was dinner, bath time and bedtime faster than usual. I didn't get done until 8:30pm and then I collapsed but my sleep was short lived because Nicholas woke up at 3:30am wanting to play.

To Isaac's surprise, I woke him up for coffee. Since Nicholas was asleep, I took Justin to work and returned in time to get Isaac on the bus[van]. Tim spent most of the day working in our yard and I tried hard to catch up on sleep. Nicholas and I just couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep. I did laundry, laundry and more laundry but it is done now. Isaac came home and my Papa came over. Tim, Papa and Isaac went to the store. Nicholas and I went to get Justin from work and then to the grocery store again for the items that we forgot Sunday. *laughing* We came home and I did the dinner, bath, bed time thing on time tonight. I even managed to give Tim and Isaac a haircut before bath time. Tim left for work and I went immediately to bed by 10:00pm.

Whew, I'm tired! I am also back to blogging faithfully. I've truly missed the mental benefits of sharing my life with others.


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