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the life of a mother with youth

Monday, August 30, 2004
upon cleaning my desk, I found...

Ok, so I decided to clean the desk when I couldn't find the current electric bill. All of our bills, before we moved, were paid online and there was no paper. Now that we have moved, most of the new companies (telephone, cable, electricity) prefer that you keep your paper bill current for 3 months before you switch to autopay. I don't get it, I mean if you're autopay - they get their money ON time and FOR sure. Anyways, my desk was in severe need of my attention. Upon opening, stapling, sorting, filing, trashing, wiping and generally organizing, I found:

  • 2 Surveys: One for baby formula use and the other for a $5000 giveaway hosted by the producers of my cigarettes. Both have been completed and are located in the "Out" mail slot.

  • 15 Parenting Magazines. I'll skim through and pick out only the best articles to share with you all.

  • 2 recycling bins of trash including; empty envelopes, junk mail, and newspapers. The magazines go in there next.

  • 1 fairly large stack of misprinted papers, Isaac can color on the back of these and save a couple of trees.

  • Driving logs, belonging to my husband, for the last 8 months.

  • 1, 125ct box of business envelopes. I really need these now that I have to MAIL OUT PAYMENTS.

  • Several valuable coupons for baby stuff that Nicholas actually uses.

  • The cordless phone - only after it began ringing though.

  • Disks featuring family pictures for May and June.

  • Tag notice for my car. Good thing that I decided to do this today, my tag
    happens to run out TODAY.

  • 3 of Isaac's cups. These were found in a drawer that I never use.

  • 20+ graphics orders from previous customers.

  • Nicholas! He was in his walker and somehow got under the pull-out keyboard tray area.

  • Due to the items that I found on my desk, my To-Do list has changed a bit for today. Instead of relaxing and enjoying Nicholas while Isaac is at school, I have this to do:

  • Get tag for car.
  • Go to post office for stamps.
  • Mail surveys while at post office.
  • Call Fitness Quest and bitch about my Gazelle not being here yet.
  • Take garbage and recycling bins to trash facility.

  • *deep sigh*

    ~~busy again, damn it!


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