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Thursday, August 05, 2004
thirsty Thursday...

I had a busy day but the only thing that really sticks out in my mind was the fact that I could not quench my thirst. I drank and drank and drank, water, soda, tea, coffee and nothing helped. It seems as though I spent the day drinking and peeing but I actually had a pretty full day.

I got up early this morning and picked up around the house before I got the kids up and ready to go. By 8:30am, I was out the door and headed to the next town to pick up a friend and take him to the food bank. He and his wife are having a rough time of it and they only have 1 car. Her hours at work prevent him from getting things to help them so he called me last night and ask if I would take him. Of course I will and I did. We were at the food bank by the time the doors opened at 9:30am. Isaac had to pee on a huge rock behind the center. The wonder boy and nature are liking eachother. By 12:00 noon, I had delivered our friend and his supplies back home and was home myself.

No time for a nap because I had to finish cleaning the house before a chick was coming over for the very first time. I did not want her coming in thinking that I didn't do the floors - ever. I got busy right away on the floors and had them completely finished within an hour and a half. With 30 minutes to spare, I was able to clean up the lunch dishes. I met this chick Monday at Nicholas' appointment. She is 38 years old, in better shape than me, the mother of a 7 year old boy, 5 year old little girl named Rose, who has downs, a 3 year old little boy and a 3 month old little girl. She's my hero of the week. She dropped by to get a pack of PODs for Rose and while she was here, I unloaded 4 cases of formula on her as well. Tim and I stocked up thinking that breastfeeding wouldn't fly with Nicholas either. Thankfully I am able to breastfeed. I thought she was going to cry as she left. I explained that it wasn't charity because it was helping me as much as it was her.

Now onto the rest of the day, in shorthand. Dinner, dishes, baths, beds and sleep -- finally!

~~feeling good


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