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the life of a mother with youth

Monday, August 16, 2004
small miracles...

I had Mom call me this morning just to make sure that we were awake in plenty of time to get woke up before we had to have Isaac to the doctor's office. She called about 7:15am and I was already up feeding Nicholas. After feeding Nicholas, I got out of bed, got dressed and had a cup of coffee. Isaac was in the bathroom as I headed toward his room to wake him up and get him dressed. Tim and Nicholas cuddled while I got Isaac ready. Next I got Nicholas' clothes ready and dressed him while Tim got ready. We were out the door by 8:50am. Isaac's appointment was at 9:30am but we were supposed to be there by 9:15am to complete paperwork. On the way to the doctor's office, Tim and I discussed the insurance and their negligance. Disappointed doesn't even begin to cover our feelings, I am more or less pissed off about the entire experience.

At the doctor's office, we were first turned away by a nurse whose only explaination was, "go back outside and as far away from the entrance as possible with your children, now." Ok. We waited beside the car as we witnessed 3 very sick children being loaded into a car. Their ages were probably 14, 11 and 6. I couldn't see any rashes or bumps but I could see red swollen eyes, all of them holding their stomachs and the number of nurses that it took to load these children. I could also hear a nurse giving directions to the hospital. I thought twice about taking my children through the same hallway that these sick children passed through. One of the nurses stayed outside and held the door open for a number of minutes before going in. I thought to myself
.oO Is this really worth it? Where's the backdoor? Good thing we are early! Oo.

I covered Nicholas's mouth and nose with his blanket and Tim covered Isaac's mouth and nose with his shirt and we ran, like madmen, through the hallway and into the doctor's office. It was a very dramatic 3 foot. Once inside, I checked Isaac in and explained to the secretary about the insurance and she said that we would pay on the way out. *sigh* I was really hoping that the insurance would have gotten on the ball to make sure that Isaac had coverage this morning. We sat down in the "well child" waiting area and a few moments later, the secretary called Isaac's name.
"Just to see if it would go through, I put the insurance information into the computer and it took it." She explained.
"So that means that we will not have to pay today?" I questioned.
"It looks that way, if for some reason they reject it, we'll contact you for payment arrangements." She added.
"Okay." I was really thinking .oO Hallafuckingluja Oo.

It wasn't a long wait before we were called back. Isaac weighs 37lbs 7 oz and is 42 inches tall. His blood pressure and tempurature were normal. Throughout Isaac's potty training experiences, he has yet to pee in a bottle or cup. Today he got to pee in a cup and he was very unsure about it.
"Isaac, come on baby, let's go potty." Okay, so I was assuring him.
"In there?"
"Yes baby, in here."
"Okay Mommy."
As he started to pee, I caught it in the cup and he cut off his stream.
"No Mommy, not in the cup."
"Isaac, we need you to pee in this cup honey." Oh PLEASE I was thinking.
"Why didn't you say so?" He grabbed the cup from me and peed in it like a champ.
"There ya go Momma, you gonna drink it?"
I laughed a , "no."

We were sheparded into a room to wait for the doctor. We reviewed colors and shapes and Nicholas happy chewed on my thumb while we waited. A nurse came in, not one involved with the scene outside, and checked Isaac's vision and hearing. Then she stuck his finger and put a bandaid on it. She left.

"Look Mommy, she put a yellow bandaid on my finger." Isaac pronounced.

The doctor came in, sat down with Isaac and talked with him for a bit.
"Hi, Isaac, are you excited about going to school?" The doctor asked.
"Yes, I am going to ride the school bus."
We all laughed.

The doctor checked Isaac over and Isaac fully cooperated with him. He commented on Isaac's manners and how smart he was. He signed the papers required by the school and wished us luck. We checked out and left. It really makes me feel good to know that Isaac has never been in a daycare situation and he is as smart as kids who have been. I am concerned about his sharing techniques though. He only shares well with his Dad and me. He'll give Nicholas anything if he is crying *laugh*. When it comes to other children though, he needs work. I hope these lessons come easy to him with someone else teaching them to him. Obviously, I ensure that he shares at home but he is accustomed to getting things his way. Every since he was born, if he wanted something that Austin had, we, 9 out of 10 times, made Austin give it to Isaac. I see now that we should not have done that. It is not too late to change it though and I've been working on it. Back then though, it just seemed easier.

After the doctor's office we went to the mall and bought a Magic Eraser. Isaac got crazy with a red crayon on his bedroom walls and one wall in the hall. I've tried everything to remove the crayon. Flat wall paint should be illegal. Had the rooms been painted with atleast a semi-gloss, the crayon would have just wiped right off with no effort. Painting is in the near future but even before we can paint, we have to remove that crayon and Magic Eraser was the only thing we haven't tried. Then we went to our favorite local diner and had lunch.

As soon as we got home, 12:30pm, I started supper. I love my crockpot. I can create amazing meals without standing in the kitchen for hours! This was tonight's supper:
My Tips and Rice
1lb beef roast, cut into cubes
6 baby portabella mushrooms, sliced
1/2 green pepper, sliced
1/2 cup of flour
4 cups water
1 cup uncooked rice

Season beef to taste and roll each cube in flour. Put floured cubes into crockpot with mushrooms, peppers and 2 cups of water. Set crockpot to high and cook for 4 hours. Add 2 cups water remaining water and rice to crockpot with meat. Cook 2 hours. Serve!

I also fixed corn on the cob. It was delicious. After supper, I immediately cleaned the kitchen. Tim and I played with the boys some and then it was bath time. Tim gave Isaac a shower and I gave Nicholas his bath in the kitchen sink. Both of the boys were out by 8:00PM. Tim and I are doing the laundry tonight, together. Tomorrow is Isaac's orientation at the school, 10:00am. Wish us luck.

~~super groovy


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