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the life of a mother with youth

Sunday, August 08, 2004
slow sunday...

I did not get enough sleep last night to carry me through the day, or so I thought. The last time that I recall was 1:30AM on the alarm clock. Tim called this morning at 5:30AM, "good morning honey, I'm 45 minutes out, you can be early if you want, I've got the paperwork just about finished." I will not share my reply with you *laughs*. It took me a few moments to roll out of bed and get dressed myself. I was unable to enjoy even a cup of coffee because I forgot to set the automatic timer on "ass crack of dawn" instead of its usual setting, "rooster crow." After dressing myself, I packed the boys up and headed out the door. I was loading the boys when I felt a pop on my chest, twice. Upon looking at my chest, I discovered that my nipples were standing out, for what seems like, 2 inches. It may have been to the lack of coffee or lack of sleep the night before but I couldn't figure out why they were in this condition. Until of course, I stopped and looked at the ground and a cold breeze blew through. Yikes! Another inch was added to my newly deforming breasts. Holy cow it was cold this morning, about 42 degrees F. While strapping the kids into the car, as fast as I could, I pondered why I chose a sleeveless shirt and stretchy pants to cover me this morning. This pondering continued on the 5 minute drive to Tim's work. Here are some of my thoughts:
1.) I know better than to wear sleeveless shirts.
2.) Look at these arms, GROSS!
3.) An ass as big as mine should not have only a thin layer.
4.) I'm throwing out these pants when I get home.
5.) I wonder if the big bang theory was first thought of due to the designer seeing a fat chick in black stretchy pants bending over.

Once we arrived at the truck yard to get Tim, Isaac decided that he just had to pee on the huge tires on Daddy's truck. I got him out to pee, not knowing where he was going to point that thing. Tim was watching us in his side mirrors and decided to get out and help Isaac pee. I quickly got back in the car and turned on the heat, in an attempt to thaw my frozen breasts. I watched as my two favorite men peed on the tire of an 18-wheeler. Men! Isaac went with his Daddy into the truck after that. I was waiting, not so patiently, when I looked down at the dash of our car and watched as the fuel light came on. Instead of getting out into the cold again, I used my cellphone to call Tim's cellphone and I told him that I was going to get gas. He replied, "You don't need to pay for it, I have enough for you, me and the car." Again, I will not give you my reply to that. He quickly told me, "ok honey, be careful and we should be done when you get back."

The gas station was 2 minutes in the direction of home. I pulled in and jumped out, trying to hurry to pump the gas. As soon as I landed the nozzle into the gas tank and set the automatic pump, I crossed my arms in an attempt to keep my breasts from freezing again. It did not work. When finished, I pulled the car up to the store and got out to pay. As I walked into the store, there were several old timers in the corner huddled around the coffee pot. One had his back to me, putting on a fresh pot, and I heard him say, "it should be against the law for a woman with an ass like that to wear those kind of pants." The other men blushed a little and one nudged the coffee maker. He turned around to see me and turned red as a beet. I said, "I thought the same thing this morning. I wondered how I could fit such a thing into pants so small." He turned even more red and said, "I don't know how you did it but I like the look." I smiled at him, paid and walked out -- trying not to shake my ass. I climbed quickly back into the car and thanked God that they noticed the stretch of fabric over my ass instead of my 3 inch protruding nipples.

At the truck yard again, Tim and Isaac loaded Tim's things into the back of the car and got in themselves. Both of them buckled up and Tim was laughing while I told him what happened at the store. He agreed that the pants looked nice and told me, "you should be ashamed of yourself for giving those men a thrill so early in the morning." I rolled my eyes and headed to our favorite restaurant. We sat at our favorite table and Isaac's favorite waitress came over to the table.
"Good morning, coffee this morning?" she said.
"good morning," Isaac said, "I'll have coffee with real milk in a go cup, a pancake and some of Daddy's eggs."
Everyone laughed and she patted Isaac on his head.

After breakfast, we headed to Virginia to visit one Emma and Ellis, Tim's aunt and uncle. Emma is amazed that there are so many things that I haven't tried. She always keeps something new there for me to try and this week it was real butter. This butter was straight from the churn, where it was made with pure cream on top of fresh cow milk. Concerned about my heart, I tried to decline the invitation but "no" isn't something that you tell this woman. The butter absolutely fabulous. I couldn't believe how creamy and sweet it was. I am also glad that real butter isn't available in the grocery store. Everyone was impressed with Isaac's manners and the "smartness" of Nicholas.

Milestone of the day:
Nicholas found his feet and is fascinated with them.



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