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Saturday, August 28, 2004
rip roaring tornado...

The damnest thing happened today. After taking Justin to work, I return to find Nicholas screaming, Daddy watching TV and Isaac playing in his room. I quickly loved on Nicholas, to calm him down, and began a discussion with Tim about cleaning the house. Nicholas and I went to retrieve more coffee and returned to find a sleeping Daddy. I enjoyed that last cup of coffee before I dove into the back portion of the house and began cleaning.

I, of course, started in Isaac's room. I am not sure why I like starting there but in my mind it is a good place to start. I put away all of his toys, made the beds, uncluttered the toys from his closet and swept the rug. Then I put the rug on one of the made beds and proceeded with the floor. Again, I now believe that carpet has to be the nastiest thing on this earth because I clean these floors every other day and each room yields almost a full dust pan of dirt and other foreign objects. Next I used a store brand of cleaner on the floor and quickly decided that it was time to reorder the recommended cleanser for the type of flooring that we have. After cleaning the floor, I replaced the rug in Isaac's room and proceeded to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, I cleaned from the ceilings to the floor. I did not clean the shower, it is Tim's duty to do so. Poor little Isaac must have the worst aim because I had to scrub, and I do this every other day, the floor twice. Gross.

Next I headed into Nicholas' room. There isn't much cleaning to be done in there. The room is only ever used to change, dress and Nicholas take his naps. Again, the floor is the biggest task and despite the use of the room, a full dust pan is still the results after sweeping. Justin came home.

Following the natural progression of the house, the hallway that connects the bathroom to Isaac's room and Nicholas' room was next - sweeping, cleaning the floor and disinfecting light switches. I had been cleaning for a good 2 hours and Nicholas had had enough. He wanted his Mommy and wanted her now. I laid down the brooms, mops, cleansers and dust pan, washed my hands and picked him up. As I fed him, my Mom came over for a minute. She was on her way to town and wanted to see if I needed anything. I didn't but the visit was good. I came back into the house, with Nicholas, and discovered that Isaac and Justin were now taking a nap and Tim was awake. After a few minutes passed, my Grandpa came over.

When 'Papa' comes over, I am expected to cook a feast. After feeding Nicholas, I laid him in his crib and began cooking. Had I known Papa was coming over, I would have cleaned the kitchen first. I hate cooking in a dirty kitchen. I had put a whole chicken in the oven earlier so that it could cook slowly and be tender and juicy. Papa requested, "side meat and cabbage." Side meat is literally the portion of fat between a pigs ass muscles and skin. Yummy right? *laughing* Supper ended up being:
Tonight's Menu

baked chicken
baked potatoes
side meat
homemade biscuits
homemade coconut cream pie

The kitchen looked like a tornado had blown through it. Everyone ate until their eyes were just about closed. Nicholas and I sat on the couch with Tim and fell asleep. We slept from 6:00PM until 10:00PM. When I woke up, Tim had laid Isaac down for the night and cleaned the kitchen - including the floor. All that is needed to do tomorrow is our bedroom and the house is once again clean.

~~satisfied and not sleepy (damn it!)


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