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Saturday, August 14, 2004
never-the-less, an easy day...

With Isaac at Mom's, Nicholas and I slept in this morning. Instead of being up at 7:30am, we slept until 8:00am. I started gathering everything to get it ready to be cleaned and made my phone calls for the morning.

I called the doctor's office about the cost of Isaac's physical Monday. Would you believe damn near $300 for a freaking physical? I about shit when the chick told me that. Now here is my position: When I enrolled Isaac, he was put first on the waiting list because he is only 3 years old. In order for him to get to go, someone needed not to show up. 2 kids did not show the first week of school and I was notified Friday that he would be able to go. He can't go to school until he has a physical, due to the insurance having a lapse we have to pay for it. The insurance will not cover Isaac until Tuesday and the next available appointment for a physical is in September. We have only until Wens, to get all of the paperwork together for him to go to school or he looses his place and will be put on the end of the waiting list. Our only option is to pay for the physical and hope that the insurance will reimburse us for it. *sigh* While I was on the phone with the doc's office, both of my dads beeped in three times a piece. I was ready to kill them. Hello?!?! If my machine doesn't kick on that means that I'm on the phone and if I don't answer the beep, that means that it is an important phone call. I have caller id so wait for me to call you back! Men, bless their ignorance!

Due to the phone calls, I only managed to get the kitchen clean before Mom got here with Isaac. He was so whinny that I laid him down for his nap. It didn't take long for Nicholas to go to sleep and by 11:00am, my house was silent. So silent that I too had to take a nap. After naps, I got up and cleaned the house. I started in the bathroom and did everything in there except the shower - hubby does the shower. Then I moved to Isaac's room, Nicholas's room, our room, the hallway, cartoon room, dining room and finally the living room. I only lack the kitchen floor but I was tired! Tomorrow, I will only have to take all of the trash that I bagged up today downstairs and wash the breakfast dishes. I will also need to start the pintos in the crockpot as soon as I get up so that they will be ready when hubby gets home at noon.

I tried a new bath time ritual tonight. I usually make Nicholas a pallet in the hallway while I put Isaac in the shower and get soaked. Then I get Nicholas up off of the pallet and lay him on Isaac's bed while I dress him, read his story and put him in the bed for the night. Then I usually give Nicholas a bath in his baby bathtub in the kitchen sink, get soaked again and dress him, feed him and put him in the bed. I'm usually so tired after that so I don't get a bath for myself until the mornings. Tonight though, I stripped Nicholas down to his diaper and made his pallet in front of the shower. I covered him up well to make sure that he didn't get cold while Isaac and I took a shower. Isaac got out of the shower and I wrapped him in a towel. I got his toothbrush ready before we headed to the shower so once he was out, he could brush his teeth while I bathed Nicholas in the shower with me. I took Nicholas's diaper off and gave him a bath in the shower. Once he was finished, I laid him back on his pallet and covered him with a towel while I dried off. Then I put my robe on, picked up Nicholas and took him to Isaac's bed and dressed him while Isaac dressed. Next I nursed Nicholas while I read Isaac a story and both of the boys were asleep by 8:15pm. I started at 7:30pm. I usually have to start at 7:00pm and done by 8:30pm. I'm liking this new ritual - it doesn't take a long and I get a shower in. Hee yaw!

~~feeling super


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