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Thursday, August 26, 2004
my 69th post...

Let's review.

The most commonly known 69...

As related to music...
Woodstock Music and Art Fair which occurred in White Lake / Bethel, NY on August 15,16,17 in the year 1969.

The Star 69 Records current and upcoming information section, where you will get the latest and greatest news from New York’s underground house and tribal dance music scene.

As a star...
M69 was discovered by Abbe Nicholas Louis de la Caille, who included it in his catalog of southern objects as Lacaille I.11. Charles Messier missed this southern cluster when he first looked for it in 1764, but found it with the better scope he had in 1780, and cataloged it on August 31, 1780.

Let's not forget fashion...
69-GEAR started with a vision of providing a hot alternative in apparel. We started small, selling our first product at local trade shows. We quickly learned that the demand for our product was beyond the scope of tradeshows and that we needed to not only offer our product on-line but in stores as well.

A roadway?

Ok, I'm sure that I've elaborated enough on 69. This is my 69th entry into this blog and I can assure you that I am proud of that fact. However, in my blissness, I will not be striping down naked, turning around - upside down - using my mouth - dancing - voting for a highway or buying clothes featuring the number. I'm just not that kind of flashy chick. In addition, my 69 style is slightly different that the descriptions above. My 69 consists of my knocking someone so hard in the face that their head is located between their legs and their ass comes to rest on their shoulders. Now that is kinky!

~~weird mood


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