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the life of a mother with youth

Sunday, August 15, 2004
memories and good food...

The boys and I were up at our usual time this morning. Isaac and I enjoyed our coffee in the dining room together and we had a conversation about school. I told Isaac that he had to be good at school and use his manners and play nice with the other kids. He nodded his head while I talked and only spoke to request more coffee.

After our third cups, I ask him, "Isaac, do you understand what school is and why you are going?"

"Sure Mom, I'm going to ride the school bus." He replied.

I couldn't help but laugh. I will probably have no other choice than for him to ride the school bus a few times but I will be driving him myself whenever possible. I am not sure why he is so enthusiastic about riding the school bus. He has only ever seen one when we pick up Austin from his school. I didn't realize that they had made such an impression on his little head. While he ask me about the school bus, I put on the pintos so that they would be ready when Tim got home from work at noon.

"Momma, does school bus have seatbelts?" he asked.

"I'm not sure Isaac, the buses when I was growing up didn't have them but I somehow thing that the bus wouldn't be safe with 20 or so 3 and 4 year olds on it." I replied.

"Seatbelts so we can be safe!" He exclaimed just like Dora on the television, causing me to chuckle at him.

"Ok, I'm going to play."

Our short conversation reminded me of my school days and the most prevalent memory that I have of the school bus. My mom was able to see my sister, brother and me off and on the school bus everyday but due to her work schedule she couldn't take us herself. She would sit on the front porch in her pj's and robe and have coffee and a cigarette. Our bus stop was right in front of the house and we usually just stood at the end of the driveway, all of 15 foot away from Mom. She would yell at us to stand still or behave as the bus approached and then wave at us as we took off. My brother hasn't always been the good looking man that he developed into. Before he hit puberty he was shorter, skinner, has huge ears compared to the rest of his body and was bucked teethed. These features made him a prime target for the older kids on the bus to make fun of him. The fact that my brother was as feisty then as he is now did not help this fact. Several of the older boys had been picking on my brother for a few days. Mom had called the principle and the superintendent over the school buses and nothing had been done about these boys picking on my brother. My mother warned every official that she spoke to that if it happened a third time, she would take matters into her own hands. They assured her that it would be taken care of. It wasn't. My brother came home one afternoon so upset that it took Mom almost an hour to calm him down. He explained to her that the older boys had given him a wedgy and that it hurt his butt while they were putting the elastic band of his underwear around his forehead. You could see the anger in Mom's face. Instead of using her free time in the mornings to call people that didn't care, she took matters into her own hands as promised the day before.

The next morning, she acted as if nothing were different and sat in her pj's and robe on the front porch drinking her coffee. The bus turned the corner above our stop as usual and stopped in front of the house. When the driver opened the doors, he laughed at my brother and said, "Good Morning Fruit of the Loom." I'll never know what my mom's original plan was but what I am about to tell you is the absolute truth. My mom came off of that porch with the fury of an anger God. She pushed my sister and I up the stairs and grabbed the bus driver by his neck. She pulled him off of the bus and took her sweet time, about 7 minutes, kicking his ass while the kids on the bus watched in amazement. Once finished whipping his ass, she loaded him back onto the bus and looked at all of the kids, who were not quiet, and said, "if I hear one word from anyone before I park this bus at the school house, I will kick every one of your asses." She sat in the drivers seat, finished the route and drove to school. No one dare spoke a word, it was the quietest that I have ever heard any place. The boys that picked on my brother sat in the back of the bus, stupid them. When she parked the bus at the school house, these were her instructions, "Everyone but Bryan (my brother) and jerks A, B, and C (can't remember their names) can get off of the bus, have a nice day at school." I got off of the bus, as instructed and went to class. I do not know the rest of the events that morning but I do know that the bus driver quit, did not press charges and the jerks were kicked off of the school bus for the rest of their school days.

I know that Isaac won't be the one that other kids picks on. He is very good looking and damn near twice the size of other kids his age, muscle. I wonder sometimes though if I have put enough meekness in him to keep him from being one of the jerks. If I ever catch Isaac being a jerk, I will cut him down in front of whoever it is that he was picking on. Lord have mercy on his ass.

On with the rest of the day. Mom came over at about 11:00AM, brought me a head of Virginia sweet cabbage and we talked some before I had to go get Tim from work. Isaac through a hellacious fit because he wanted to ride with Grandma. He rode with me. We left to get Tim and planned to meet Mom at the grocery store. Due to Isaac's little fit, we were a few minutes late picking up Tim but he didn't notice because he spilt coffee in the floor of his truck and needed the extra time to clean up the mess. We packed his things into the truck and headed to the grocery store. After shopping a little, Austin rode with us to the house while Mom went to deliver her groceries. Once home, I started cooking, the boys went into the basement to play and Daddy played with the baby. I cooked cabbage, pintos and tenderloin. It was super yummy and we all ate so much that we needed a nap. Mom and Austin left after dinner and Tim played with the boys while I cleaned the kitchen up.

Tomorrow is a busy day and I'd like to return from it to a clean house.


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