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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Isaac's first note from school...

Apparently, the teachers have been having a bit of a crisis at nap time. Isaac just wouldn't lay down like the other kids and being that he is so much bigger (taller and stouter) than the other kids, they didn't try to make him. They requested on Friday that I bring his baby and blanket on Monday to see if it would help. I quickly told them that he would lay down with his baby and blanket but that if any other kid touched these items, it would not be good and I didn't want him being suspended before he had been in school a week. They both laughed and assured me that they would see to it that no other child have access to these items. So Monday, I sent his baby and blanket with him. This is the note that I got back in his backpack:
Dear April,
Thank-you so much for sending Isaac's blanket and baby. He took his first nap today. It was so much easier for him and for us. He did not cry at all at nap time. I really appreciate your help.

Thanks Again,
teacher #1


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