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Friday, August 13, 2004
fun, fun, fun...

Ah Fridays, gotta love Fridays especially when the date is the 13th. I figured that this day would be hell from the start and I was glad to be wrong. Don't tell anyone that I was wrong though because that would be a flaw and I don't have those. *laugh*

After the usual morning ritual, the boys and I had breakfast. Isaac ordered, "pancakes, apples and toast." Tim called and we had a conversation that was too short because his cellphone is a piece of shit and is due for an "phone upgrade." I go to know SprintPCS's phone upgrade policy today really clearly. It seems that 18 months after your open your account, you get a free phone upgrade. You are eligible every 18 months after that. The only exception to these rules occurs when you have to get a replacement phone due to your phone being malfunctioned. If you think your phone is malfunctioning, you have to take it to a SprintPCS store and have it tested. Once it is determined that your phone is malfunctioning, SprintPCS sends you a new replacement phone, same model that you have. When you receive and activate the replacement phone, you have to send your malfunctioned phone back and your 18 months starts over once you have activated the replacement phone. Wouldn't you know that Tim would have been due an upgrade in April, had he not had to get a replacement phone in February. Damn the luck! I gave the SprintPCS chick a piece of my mind.

Next I had the pleasure of talking with the bank again because they have messed up our account AGAIN. All of our bills that can be paid electronically are paid electronically automatically. Due to our account being fucked with no end in sight, I got to run bills today. Let me remind you that Isaac has a 10 second warning on potty use and Nicholas prefers being held. I can not express the joys it was to run to 5 different places, get out, unload both kids, pay the bill, load the kids again, listen to Nicholas scream on the way to the next place and then do it all over again. Of course Nicholas calmed down once he was in my arms and Isaac had to pee in every bathroom that he passed. Very interesting but I do not recommend it to anyone.

Before we got home from running bills, I called the insurance company, who have dropped Isaac off of the insurance for "neglecting to turn in paperwork." It seems that you have to renew children every year on their birthday and even though I waited 45 minutes to turn this paperwork into a specific woman at the insurance company, she lost it and Isaac was dropped. This could not have come at a worse time. Isaac is going to school Wens. He has a physical on Monday and no insurance to pay for it. He can not go to school until he gets a physical and he will lose his place if he can't start on Wens. Gotta love spur of the moment "holy shit" problems. So we ended up going to the insurance place and waiting for what seemed forever to do the paperwork IN the building and get it into the computer. There is no guarantee that he will be on the policy on Monday though. I have absolutely no idea how much a school physical is so I called the doctor's office to ask, in the event that Isaac is not on the insurance before Monday at 9:30am. On Fridays, the doctors office closes at 4:30pm and I called at 4:32pm. *sigh* Luckily, they are open in the morning from 8:30am to noon. Remind me to call please!

After an exhausting afternoon, I go to Mom's. Isaac and Austin rarely get to play together anymore and jump at the chance to do so. All Isaac talks about is Austin and one would think that they would use their time together wisely and play their little hearts out but nooooooooo, they usually argue like brothers the whole time. We sent them outside so that we could talk. We talked for awhile inside but decided to go walking outside and we did. Nicholas fell asleep in the stroller as we walked around Mom's house looking at the flowers. Isaac spent the night with Grandma and Nicholas went right to sleep tonight. It has been a peaceful night and I have only gotten Isaac's linens and curtains washed, ironed and back where they are supposed to be. Hopefully the quiet morning will allow me to get some things done before Grandma brings the boys over. Hopefully Austin can spend the night tomorrow night and Mom can get a break too.

~~tired but ok


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